The creations of the great Art masters inspire the pupils. In the classroom I present educational material, after talk with my pupils and and apply different pedagigical methods in order to cultivate skills and critical thinking. Tranformative learning through Art and Art therapy are my favourite.

In the eTwinning project” The Art of Printmaking as a Pedagogical tool ” this activity united Greek Schools through the  inspiration, creativity and imagination of the pupils!


The Art of the Art Masters inspire the pupils

The Art subject embraced Physical education. Mrs.  Theodora Chandrinou (me) invited Mrs. Maria Mousouraki   the Teacher of Physical Education, who made the dance performance and collaborated in this activity for our etwinning project: “The Art of Printmaking as a Pedagogical tool“.


The young painters” presented their Art Gallery in rythm and  motion, in an open to public presentation. The public showed us great enthusiasm. Congatulations to all pupils for the hard work!!!


Matisse by the pupls of the 4th primary School of Zografou, Athens, Greece

Joan Miró

Joan Miró by the pupils of the 1st primary School of Pefki, Athens, Greece

Picasso by the  pupils of the 11th and 13th primary Schools of Ilion, Greece

Joan Miró- 14 δημοτικό Σχολείο Ιλίου



The pupils participating in the eTwinning project “Cultivating life skills through Land Art” worked  in the activity:  “The creations of the Great Masters inspire the pupils”


The pupils learned about the work of the  Greek architect Πικιώνης (Πικιώνης) and about the Spanish Antoni Gaudi. After, the children became more creative and cooperated with pupils from other Schools.


Thank you for the interest!

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