Emotional education through Art in the classroom

Emotional Education has been always my priority. I teach the “Fine Arts” subject and it is easy through non verbal forms to cultivate life skills, emotional intelligence, and form the pupil’s personallity.

Below are presented a selection of parcticies applied in the classroom.

Educational eTwinning projects and Greek National

Other Activities – projects dissemination


During 2010-2011 I designed, and created, with my pupils  National Greek educational projects. We had presented them in the Ministry of Education and received awards.

Some of the activities on the theme “Emotional Education” had been presented in  international conferences  and there is bibliography with the articles and photos. It is important to share best practices applied in classroom.

Greek National educational project with the title 

«Χαράζοντας Εικαστικά μονοπάτια καλλιεργούμε την συναισθηματική νοημοσύνη των παιδιών»  

 (“By engraving Art paths we cultivate the emotional intelligence of the pupils”)


“Χαράζοντας Εικαστικά μονοπάτια καλλιεργούμε την συναισθηματική νοημοσύνη των παιδιών”

Ο δικός μου Κλόουν:http://14dim-iliou.att.sch.gr/contentsFolders/1100ekpaideytikoYliko/ey2-diafora/ChanTheo/2014-03-14_oDikosMoyClown/2014-03-14_oDikosMoyClown.htm

Συναισθηματική Αγωγή “Ο δικός μου Κλόουν”



eTwinning groups collaboartions

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Για τη Γιορτή της μητέρας



Participation in the activities of “creative classroom” eTwinning group.



Δημιουργία αφίσας με τους μαθητές του Α’3 τμήματος του 14ου δημοτικού Σχολείου Ιλίου, Αττικής.. 14 -5-2014
Αφίσα για το διαγωνισμό της INICEF





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