The Art of Printmaking as a pedagogical tool eTwinning project

Congratulations to all the  pupils for the excellent Art work, the cooperation,  interaction and the activites we exchanged!! I wish to thank wholeheartedly  all the paticipating  friends – members Teachers and pupils for the collaboration!!

The Art Teacher Theodora Chandrinou from Greece invited Esperanza Caro from Spain to become the project co-founder and to cooperate in this project.

Theodora Chandrinou (me) proposed – designed the main activities and Esperanza Caro accepted to start the adventure. Together we created twin space pages with more activities and involved our pupils. We exchanged material, emotion, interacted, created great Art work. We used different ICT web 2.0 tools and communicated on line and on site thanks to the twin space educational platform (eTwinning profiles, mail, contacts, chat, forum, events). Also, we cooperated on site,  through open to public  Art Exhibitions and events, in Greece and Spain and by using  traditional post, exchanging material and creations. We used telephone for our direct contact with Spain and all together (Teachers and puils) shared the atmosphere of friendship! We made surveys, every year with the results and presented experiential seminars for Teachers, about the Art of printmaking.

The Art of Prinmaking is an educational tool nd we proved it!

About the project

This project is designed for students from 10 to 12years old.
The profile of the project is based on active experiential learning.
Through our project we will open a path for the students to receive knowledge using innovative practices, applied in classroom.
We wish to reveal the efficient results of the Art of printmaking and its techniques as a pedagogical tool. We believe that it offers the Teachers venerable possibilities, capable to enrich the educational process, in order to enhance the students’ life skills.
Especially, when it is embedded in Primary education it promotes an innovative intervention.


Important aims of the project are:
• To probe the interdisciplinary and integrated perspective on the education policy.
• The aesthetic values and fine dexterities to be enriched, on using different materials, to be improved.
• A travel to Art History getting knowledge and cultural education.
• Motivation and energetic participation in classroom work, helping children to become more responsible as they will use sharp cutters and materials that require extra careful use.
• To enhance the emotional intelligence of the children, empathy in first place and to gain self-esteem and become self-confident.
• The students to become active and creative, able to take decisions and find solutions.
• To help children to get more experienced in team working and in international group projects.
• To cultivate their personal and social skills through collaboration and communication.
• Get familiarized in the collaboration and communication in art projects through the positive use of differ

Work process

Activities: • “Introduction το our project”, using TwinSpace platform and exchanging activities . • “We present ourselves” – we use mixed techniques.
• “We are part of our world and Art unites us”- our creative hands – imprints.
• “We learn about the Art of printmaking” and search for videos to create our educational material. • “The students organize and present works”, by using the project method. By this way, they are taught and teach the  others, too.
• “Our Art Printmaking gallery”, with favorite Art printmaking works; the students will choose and make a digital presentation.• “The lines tell us” – black and white forms sketches.• “The Printmaking techniques”.• “The tree of friendship”.• “Theater of shadows”.• “Interactive events and exchanging of materials”.• “Evaluation from the children” of our project.• Events, exhibitions and presentations open to public sharing the results of our efforts.
We will be in cooperation with other Schools in Greece and we ‘ll share exhibitions and presentations

Expected results

Media for our Communication:
* TwinSpace platform * eTwinning meetings * email * traditional post – exchanging of materials ( Art works, cards, ideas and messages * forum * Internet and digital tools (padlet, power point, audio, mp3, videos, etc) , * blogs.

Impact to the educational community and to society:
• We will create a public TwinSpace and a blog . There we will present the students’ creations that we are planning to make: videos, audios, presentations etc.
• Seasonal creations and cards exchanging using the printmaking techniques .
• We’ll make exhibitions in our School event Halls and we’ll organize events open to public. Also, we’ ll participate in interactive activities in collaboration with other Schools in national and international level.


Final Results – Project Evaluation

Our project fullfield all the targets aimed and through the results is visible to everyone in the web.


You can explore the twin space pages visible to everyone and we hope to inspire you!

The journey started thanks to the friendship of Theodora Chandrinou from Greece and Esperanza Caro from Spain. We worked together with loelty from the beginning until the end and that is the reason of the project success.
As the supervisor Fine Arts Teacher from Greece that I had the idea of the project and apply it in classroom since 2005, I testify the value it has in pupils’ personality.
Both, Fine Arts Artists and Teachers we cooperated with respect and responsibility. Together we enriched the project with activities and educational material in order to reach a high quality level.
We invited our colleagues to participate and the project gave fruitful results for  our students’ benefit.


The project gave results after 3 creative School years!!!


testifies frm the results that the Art of Printmaing can be used as an Educational tool and offer the most to the pupils and to cultivate life skills and their emotional intelligence.

The Art of printmaking as a Pedagogical Tool

The working team 2015 -2017, The Art of Primtmaking as a Pedagogiacl tool

The working team 2017- 2018, The Art of Printmaking as a Pedagogcal tool

European Year of Cultural Heritage – 2018

Creative Cultural Heritage 2018


The 4th primary School of Zografou, Athens, Greece participated in the National School Compettion and celebrated Safe Internet day and Mrs Theodora Chandrinou was present in the event organized by the Safer Internet4kids insttution.


Theodora Chandrinou awarded eTwinner

We present a part of the presentations exchanged in the frame-work of the project activities:

The pupils evaluated the project and shared their best emotions: https://twinspace.etwinning.net/15908/pages/page/129929
We also used different ICT tools. https://issuu.com/theodorachandrinou/docs/0.evaluation-pupils-1pefki_93511039d19995




Μετάβαση στο padlet.com

We made great collaborations, and we share a small part in the padlet below:

Μετάβαση στο padlet.com



Thank you all for the collaboration!!!

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