Our beautiful project fullfield the pedagogical aims that we set and we are happy to share the results of the effort we did!



The project partners are invited to carry out an individual short project in the form of presentation, video, cardboard mural, through which they can explain sports activities, healthy habits related to physical activity (sport, physical exercise, diet, …) that they carry out while they remain at home these last weeks and the following.

The idea of the project is to give an example of sports practice and healthy habits at the time of confinement.


•    Interchange experiences of sports practice and healthy habits among our students so that they can enrich each other and occupy free time during confinement in a healthy way.
•    Express themselves and interact orally in habitual communication situations in an understandable way, and with a certain level of autonomy.
•    Encourage collaborative work and interaction between participating partners to reinforce the idea of team, unity and mutual enrichment.
•    Promote the idea of Europe among the student partners and the centers to which they belong.


1.    Search for partners and collaborators
2.    Completion of individual Sport at home
3.    Interactive classroom exhibitions through the Teams platform.
4.    Contact with collaborators.
5.    Visualization of works from other schools, including the possibility of making video conferences between the participating students of different schools.


The expected results are the mutual enrichment of all the participating students, so that they can see different ways of doing sports depending on the country. in turn, that they use as an example other forms of healthy occupation of free time through PE and sport.

  • Participating Schools joined under active spirit! 


The project Teachers team


Teacher of Fine Arts (Project founder – Greece)

3rd Primary School of Maroussi, Greece



Head Mistress

3rd Primary School of Maroussi, Greece

Konstantinos Papathomas

Teacher – Εκπαιδευτικός

(Δ/Σ ΛΕΥΚΟΒΡΥΣΗΣ )  Primary School Leykovrisi, Kozani, Greece

Petros Michailidis

Teacher – Εκπαιδευτικός
 5th Primary School of Alexandroupolis, Greece

Eduardo Berdegué Garcia

Colegio CEU San Pablo, Moncada, Spain (Project founder – Spain)


Colegio CEU San Pablo, Moncada, Spain


Greece – introductive video/Athens 2004 Olympic Games – opening ceremony


* The name of our project team – logo .   This is a good cooperative activity for the cultivation of democratic spirit and values. The pupils from the participating Schools shared their ideas and suggested names, for the project working team. We voted in the classrooms for the name  and after the communication we had among the Teachers we shared the most favourite. And the name is…

Sportive Artists ~~

* The Cross curricular approach of the project

Fine Arts embraced Sport and Healthy diet education! For the dissemination of the activities i have created a video and you are welcome to enjoy the creations of the pupils.

We used different Art techniques and technology in the pedagogical process.

We worked with different ICT web 2.0 tools in order to organize and realize our project, to communicate among the Schools – project partners  and of course to share material and disseminate the results.

We did great work by using digital platforms with the support of the Greek School Net and the Greek Ministry of education and Religion, blog and e-class pages, as well as the eTwinning – twinspace, the eTwinning groups activities, events and online seminars.

We share a game inspired by the Teacher of physics Mrs Sotiria Apostolopoulou Kafetsi and realized under the collaboration of  the Fine Arts Teacher Theodora Chandrinou. We try to cultivate Olympic values through cross curricular education

Sharing_my_games_Sotiria Apostopoloulou Kafetsi_and_Theodora Chandrinou


* Let’s talk about SPORTS (padlet)

We used the educational material that we had created during the past years among the Schools from Greece and Spain.


Olympic Values in the educational process


Picture dictionary



* Why we do love SPORTS We used AnswerGarden for this collaborative activity!

 * VIDEOS -Let’s get physical at home
We share our games and the cultural heritage of the countries.
We invited our friends to visit the Greek famous and important
SNFCC Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center
Αθλητικά Μονοπάτια στο Πάρκο Σταύρος Νιάρχος | Επιτραπέζια αντισφαίριση | SNFCC
* Ways of tracing the children’s creativity
   We used interesting educational material project such as
Innovative activity in order to cultivate the imagination of the pupils, human values and to promote healthy behavioral attitudes through diversity education.
The School books were the first source for our lessons and we added
* Healthy Mediterranean diet – we are what we eat
We used the videos created in the past School years, we gave ideas and knowledge and motivated the pupils.
We created posters and we helped our pupils to become more creative!
“Δημιουργία αφίσας για την προώθηση κατανάλωσης φρούτων στα σχολεία”

“Healthy Mediterranean diet – 4th primary School of Zografou, Greece”

Thanks to my friend – Art Teacher from Spain Mrs Esperanza Caro Perdigon we have realized many interactive events, during the past School years.
* Safer Internet at home during the confinement
In the 3rd primary School of Maroussi, Greece we have worked a lot on the topic. We supported the safer Intenet Day celebrations and we used the educational material and the web page of the Saferinternet4kids.gr
1o Online #eSafetyLabel Συνέδριο
* Our project survey
We used the ducational material realized in the awarded eTwinning project “Getting to know our surrounding world”

* Project evaluation – sharing emotions and desseminate results

Το πρόγραμμά μας ολοκληρώθηκε με επιτυχία!!
Θερμές ευχαριστίες στην Δασκάλα της Α’ τάξης κ. Μαρία Ανάγνου και τον κ. Ιωάννη Παπαδόπουλο Υποδιευθυντή-Δάσκαλο της ΣΤ΄ τάξης που ενθάρρυναν τη συμμετοχή των μαθητών στο πρόγραμμα!

Hello dear friends it was an honor to collborate with you in this project!!

We are going to see you again in the future in another new project!! All the best wishes from the 3rd primary School of Maroussi, Greece the pupils and the participating partners Mrs Theodora Chandrinou – Art Teacher and Mrs Theodora Kachrila – Head Mistress of the School.

-Greece and Spain=friendship

Happy Summer!!!


Πρωταθλητές / Campeones


The Art of Cine motivates our pupils!

eTwinning friends shared their experience working at home during the confinement, in the frame-work of the collaboration in the projects realized in the school year 2019-2020



Thanks to the eTwinning friend Mrs Edelizia Bellatalla , eTwinning project “Urban Garden”.

We keep best memories and we are going to stay healthy and safe!!!

* Bibliography and sources
We used the eTwinning projects realized among the same partners from Greece and Spain as an educational tool.
*Sharing my games
*Dynamic playgrounds
* Library of Congress
The Mediterranean Diet: Delicious Food Prescription for Transforming Disease & Illness

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