MAGOS 2013 -2014

On March 2014 the Speech and Language Therapist Ms Micha Asimina and the Occupational Therapist Ms Mourelatou Stamoula from the 1st Special Education Primary School of Koridallos, participated in the European Project: MAGICAL – Making Games In Collaboration for Learning: MAGICAL Work package 2 – Quality Control: Experimental activities in Greece. Under the Education and Culture, Life Long Learning Programme: No 519006-LLP-1-2011-1-IT-KA3-KA3MP. Funded by the European Commission.

Three pupils, Christos, Nikos and Aggelos participated in the project. It was a unique experience for them as with the coordinators help, they created a game called “Fruits versus Vegetables”. The program let them explore their fantasy and creativity and enhanced their knowledge on the use of computers and on how to design educational games.



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