What is e-Twinning;

E-Twinning is the Community for the schools of Europe. All European students, through the e-Twinning action, have the possibility, with the help of their educators, to participate in common educational projects, with a school or several schools from European countries. Educators, from all around Europe, cooperate participating in carrying out online projects, in the context of school activities and exchanging ideas and good practice examples.

Our school participates in an e-Twinning program, entitled “You said sculpture?”. The programme’s duration is 1 year (September 2015 – June 2016), with the participation of 5 countries with the respective following program managers: Greece –  Ms Theodora Oikonomou, Poland – Ms Jerzy Jastrzebski, Slovenia – Ms Mojka Mehora Lavric, Turkey – Ms Esengul Ozbege, with head coordinator of the programme from France Ms Beatrice Lavieville.

The program is aiming to show us how Art can act as a connection between european countries, by enabling students to discover other students, other countries, other cultures, other languages. Also aims to familiarize children with the Art of Sculpture, to make them realize the feelings stimulated by facing a statue, to enrich knowledge in history and geography and finally, to develop their imagination and social skills.

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