Our Skype communication with Poland is progressing greatly since September! Pupils have the chance to get to know each other while sharing information about themselves, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, their favorite things. They share art and emotion through games and creations that they show each other through the white board! All pupils, Polish and Greeks are truly enthusiastic and looking forward each time for the next Skype connection! Skype communication with Poland will continue until February. It is certain that until then, we will share so much more and make strong bonds and friendships with each other.


Skype communication among the pupils from Greece and Germay has began and will last from September 2017 until February 2018, which is the end of our project.

A new group of Greek pupils is talking with pupils from Germany. They get to know each other, their names, their habbits and they share experiences, ideas and thoughts. New friendships are coming up.

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