1. After our Christmas holidays, we are back to school to complete the final months of our Erasmus+ program “Artemotion Xpress in Europe”. We have started the new year with the last official activity which is called “I gesture you guess”. This activity is basically a review of everything we have learned so far, during our project, a game through which we explore and remember the emotions we have worked on, how to identify and reproduce them.  Our students proved that all our efforts have been successful as they are better able to feel and express themselves, without hesitation, not only through Arts but also in their everyday lives.

Please follow the link bellow:

Activity 14 » I gesture you guess»

2. Tsiknopembti (Fat Thursday) has arrived and our pupils danced around the maypole in “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” rythms, following the Carnival customs for another year. They masqueraded into heroes, imaginary creatures, joyful, frightening and funny characters. There was also a clown who offered a lot of laughter and finally, the Parents’ Association offered the traditional treat (souvlaki). Students and teachers together enjoyed a great day. 

3. In order to get ready for Clean Monday and Carnival, students who attend the middle grade classes of our school, with their teachers Mrs. Dora and Mrs. Maria, created beautiful, colorful handcrafts such as kites, following the tradition! Thus, through Art and joy of creativity, the students had the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills and the tactile stimulation, express their feelings and work on cooperation.

4. Mrs Theodora and Mrs Maria with their students and the valuable help of the assistant Mrs Eleni, have revived the custom of kyra Sarakosti, which is translated Lady Lent. Through experiential learning and using the Arts of painting, poetry and handcrafting, the students have been taught about the period of Lend and Fasting, tried to understand the deep feeling that floods our hearts all these days until Holy Easter and expressed their feelings.

Lady Lent has seven feet and wears a long dress. She has no mouth, no ears and her hands are folded. In her hair she carries a cross. She is made of dough or paper. The seven feet represent the seven weeks of Lent. Each passing week get to break off one foot. This is a great visual way to countdown the weeks until Easter. After the last foot os cut off, it is tradition to place this foot in a bowl with fruits and nuts and whoever finds it receives a special blessing.

Her missing mouth symbolizes fasting. No consumption of meat, dairy products or eggs. The missing ears mean that she refuses to listen to gossip. Her cross represents the Easter religious services in church. Finally, her hands are folded for prayer.

There is a special poem about Kyra Sarakosti (Lady Lent):


Kyra Sarakosti, no mouth has she,

she neither talks nor eats

she has no ears, she does not hear

gossip or idle speech.

Upon her chest, her crossed hands rest,

all day Christ she entreats.

And seven feet, no more, no less,

has she to count the weeks.

Each Saturday we cut away

one of her seven feet.

The last we hide someplace inside

some fruit or nuts or treats.

He one who finds «το τυχερό»

Receives good luck in heaps.

We wish you “Kali Sarakosti”!