1. The new year has started creatively and as always within the spirit of our European program «Artemotion Xpress in Europe”. A group of our students with their teachers, visited the Athens Concert Hall to watch the play “A Thousand and One … pages!”.

The three talented actors, who starred in this interactive show, sang, danced, played various musical instruments and made us experience a funny and uplifting music adventure!

The play encouraged to “filanagnosia” and set off creativity and imagination. Once again, the children had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Art of Music and Theatre and express their emotions!

2. Inspired by the International Day of People with a Disability, Mrs Athena and Mrs Georgia with their students and the valuable help of their assistant Mrs Zacharenia, worked on the fairytale “The Ugly Duckling” and made their own unique version of it, while creating a more simple text and two lovely handmade swans. The Art against diversity, because we are all equal, we are all the same.

3. The 9th Erasmus+ activity is named “Read me – Feel me”. In this activity pupils or teachers read poems, fairy tales or other significant written texts with hidden meanings and didactic messages. Afterwards, pupils should feel the meaning of the text and express it while using painting, acting, dancing or singing.

All the pupils of the school participated in the activity, which was analyzed and graded according to the learning level of students in each class. Through the didactic “Myths of Aesop”, our students developed their social and learning skills and also had a lot of fun!

4. Our students love to create and be taught through handcrafting. Mrs. Maria kai Mrs. Rita with their students and the valuable help of the assistants Mrs. Maria and Mr. Tasos, created wonderful handcrafts, which now decorate their class. Thus, through Art and handcrafting the students came in contact with colors and shapes,  practiced their fine motor skills and worked on cooperation and teamwork.

5. A group of our youngest students with their teachers, visited the Athens Concert Hall to watch the play “Speak and shush”. Once again, the children had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Art of Music and Theatre and express their emotions!

6. A group of students, who attend the middle grade classes of our school, with their teachers, visited the museum of Cycladic Art. The children saw the exhibits which were mostly related to the Art of Music, such as musical instruments. Under the guidance of the persons in charge of the museum, the children created the ancient lyre, a flute and a mask. The visit was very interesting and educational and the students had the chance to familiarize themselves once more with the Arts of Music and Sculpture.

7. Some of our students visited the 12th Primary school of Nikaia in order to participate in an educational program related to the Carnival Season. The teachers and the students welcomed and showed us the yard, their school garden, the place where they have some birds, the cafeteria, where they offered us a treat and finally their classrooms.

We watched a music video and pictures from their visit to our school some months ago, the interactive games we played together, the handcrafts we all created and our game during the school break. Following, the children divided into groups, created carnival masks and kites. Some students presented a maypole and we all danced and sang around it. Finally, we exchanged gifts.

8. The primary school and the kindergarten had their costume party together. Teachers and students diguised with masks and costumes, danced and had a great time! An animateur entertained the children, who had a lot of fun playing several interactive games. Once more the Arts of Music and Dance helped us express our jolly feelings.

9. In the end of February 2017, there was a briefing on the first 9 activities of the Erasmus+ program “Artemotion Xpress in Europe”. Specifically, all the children and school staff attended a presentation created by Mrs. Kelly Kotoula, Mrs. Mina Miha and Mrs. Thaleia Daskalaki, in order to remind the 9 activities, which had been carried out so far in all partner countries (Germany, Slovenia, Spain, Romania, Poland and Greece).

The videos  , which had been carefully chosen by the Erasmus group, gave us the opportunity to compare the way in which each activity was implemented in each school, the means used, the materials, the different ideas and ways of integration.

At the same time, we all had a complete view of the program and our goals after 17 months of implementation. The feedback was beneficial as we realized the size and importance of our European project.


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