1. After the 4th extra short term joint staff training and learning activity in Bad Teinach Zavelstein, Germany, we organized an open to the public presentation at the school in order to inform the school staff, the students and their parents and guardians. During the presentation there was a detailed report of the program which was followed, the actions and activities, the lectures and workshops our colleagues attended.

Then, the students watched the videos of the 10th activity of “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” program. The activity consists of two sub-activities, 10.1 which is entitled “Dress up and act”. The pupils were dressed with various clothes according to the situation given. Through role playing the kids became little actors and then were asked to recognize the emotions provoked and find solutions and proper attitudes in each and every different situation.

The sub-activity 10.2 is called “Stop Bullying”. It is a role play game for the prevention of school violence. The students imitated incorrect behaviors and were asked to find the right solutions. A short video spot has been created against this bullying at schools.

The children were excited watching themselves on the screen!

2. Following the Carnival spirit, students who attend the middle grade classes of our school, with their teachers Mrs. Rita and Mrs. Maria and the valuable help of the assistant Mr. Tasos created several colorful handcrafts. Thus, through Art and joy of creativity, the students had the opportunity to practice their fine motor skills and the tactile stimulation and work on cooperation and teamwork as well.

3. During the last week and before the school’s closure for the Easter holidays, students and teaching staff used all their imagination in order to create Easter handcrafts such as colorful baskets, where they put red painted eggs according to the Easter custom. The students expressed their joy through Art and creation, because a great holiday was coming.

4. The 10th Erasmus +  ‘Artemotion Xpress in Europe’ activity has two subcategories. Activity 10.1 “Dress up and act” asked pupils to become actors and actresses and perform roles in small plays. Each project drafted a brief social story at school or outside school, using our imagination and images on the interactive board. The pupils dressed up depending on the role  or played freely in the school environment.

The objectives of the activity were to enable our students to express and impart different feelings but also to name the feelings that emerge in the given situations, to point out a misconduct, to suggest and to impart the right behavior, to comment on, to cooperate and to have fun. We hope the following video with little social stories will entertain you and educate you.

Activity 10.2 “Stop Bullying” related to the phenomenon of School Bullying. It was first discussed in class what school bullying means, what its causes, what is the profile of intimidating people (bullies), what is the profile of people they are usually bullied, how to deal with this phenomenon. Then the students played roles where they played out the bad behavior of school bullying but also how we react when you we are bullied. In this activity pupils from  classes A1 and A2 participated. In the end, we created a small spot to combat school bullying. We hope that you like it.

5. Students who attend the middle grade classes of our school, in spring mood, created wonderful handmade wreaths to celebrate the 1st of May! Creation trough Art gave joy and excitement to the children. The contact with different materials offered  a variety of visual stimuli.

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