1. The European Erasmus+ program “Artemotion Xpress in Europe”, which is related to Art and Emotions, continues successfully. In October, we will welcome a group of colleagues from Romania, Poland, Germany, Spain and Slovenia. Our preparations have begun since May and include theater, dancing, music, singing, crafts, scenery, embellishment of the school and the courtyards and so much more! Below, with Art and lots of emotion you watch some photos of our preparations.

2. The 12th official activity of our project “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” has been concluded. “Party time” was an activity full of music. Pupils listened to various musics and discussed on how they felt. Later, they used their bodies, facial expressions, voices and movements in order to express the feelings that music brought out to them.

The whole school participated in this activity under the supervision and guidance of their teachers and our gymnast Gianna Giota and Mr Anitopoulos Tasos who organized the whole project.

Watch the video on the followind link and enjoy them.

Activity 12 “Party time”

3. A little review in time will remind us that our school always considered the children’s contact with clay very important. Working with clay is priceless as it contributes to the improvement of sensory development and motor skills. This unique material develops all our senses. It allows the students to create mistakes and therefore not to be afraid to do so. It enhances problem solving skills. Students begin to understand shape, form and perspective and therefore get their first lesson in geometry. Our special students learn to discover their own place in the world. Activities with clay help the development of discipline, imagination and pride which are strengthened through the completion of an art work. Finally, clay makes children feel calm, reinforces their attention skills and works perfectly for children with autistic spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities.

We also tried to familiarize our students with the art of Sculpture. Therefore, the children had the chance to touch and feel the texture of a statue, to draw and imitate the postures of famous statues.

In the link below you can watch a video with our students using clay and exploring sculpture.

Clay and Sculpture

4. October is here and our partners are also here so that they can join the sixth (6th) extra short-term joint staff training and learning activity in Athens.

Follow the link bellow in order to learn everything about this unique journey in education hosted by the 1st Special Education Primary School of Korydallos.



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