This year, November should be regarded as the month of Theater for our school! Our students visited various theaters, met a lot of actors, enjoyed wonderful performances and even became actors themselves for a while!

1. On the 15th of November, we visited the theater «Πρόβα», in Athens and watched a performance called «The apple tree that always laughs and the secret of friendship». It refers to the meanings of friendship and love. 4 actors narrate, sing, dance, play live music and manage to drift children and adults into their story. The children participated in the performance and enjoyed it a lot!

2. On the 28th, our students had the opportunity to watch a performance, which was presented by the “Neos Cosmos” Theater’s Mobile Unit. The Mobile Unit presents free performances to hospitals, institutions, refugee camps and special education schools throughout Athens. Over 16 years, the “Neos Cosmos” Theater’s Mobile Unit has been the only professional theater in Greece, that has offered such a program.

They performed the famous play “Pinocchio” by the Italian writer Carlo Collodi. A story well known to every child, that refers to values such as sincerity, love, selflessness, courage, desire for life and adventure. The performance is based on improvisation, action, image, music. It was a really amusing and our students enjoyed it a lot!

3. On the 30th of November, our students along with their teachers visited the «Rabbithole» Theater in order to watch the performance of “Tic Tac Do”, which is a fantasy storytelling that sets off the imagination and touches children’s feelings. During the protagonist’s journey, we met traditional music and dancing from 4 different countries. Thus, we had the opportunity to get to know famous musicians such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. In addition, children learnt about the concept of humanity as opposed to racism and xenophobia. Finally, once again they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Art of Theater.

4. On the 4th of December 2017, a group of our students with their teachers visited the theater once again! This time they watched the play “Karagiozis and Peace against the War” in “Trianon Theater”. Karagiozis is a shadow puppet and fictional character of Greek folklore. He was the main character of the story, which was narrated and he was played by a famous Greek actor. The play was a new, original adaptation of “Peace”, an Athenian Old Comedy written and produced by the Greek playwright Aristophanes. It helps children understand the necessity of peace and the bad effects of the war, and makes the great comedian Aristophanes known to the children. The children enjoyed the show a lot!

5. December is a favorite month for our young students because Christmas is coming! Thus, they have entered quickly the Christmas mood as they started decorating their classrooms, making ornaments and getting ready for our Christmas celebration.

6. In the 13th activity of the European Erasmus+ program “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” we invited the community to enter our school and work through Art with our pupils. For this reason, we organized Christmas workshops in order to create, to interact, to feel and express the Christmas spirit.

You can watch December in the link below:

Activity 13 «Big and small artists together»

7. Our Christmas celebration included lots of Art and imagination. The students sang, danced, played musical instruments, participated in music and kinetic event, narrated a Christmas story with goblins, accepted gifts from Santa, felt and expressed their feelings in the wonderful Christmas spirit!

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