2016 MAY – JUNE

1. Our school worked with the Art of Literature through its participation in the International Competition for Student’s Creativity: “School Sports – Participate and Learn the Olympic ideals through the Olympic and Paraolympic Sports”. Thus, students and teachers tried to write a story.

Specifically, students who attend the Upper and Middle Grade classes of the school were taught the basic rules, painted, discussed about some Olympic and Paraolympic Sports (tennis, boccia, water polo, soccer, basketball) as well as the Olympic ideals (fair play, effort, cooperation, commitment etc.). The result of the new knowledge and teamwork was the story they created called: “The ball dreamt of becoming….”. Once again, the imagination, the expression and joy of creativity strengthened and facilitated learning and emotional development.

The story was published and sold for a symbolic price, enhancing in this way the confidence of our students and our school fund.

2. On Friday 8th of April 2016, Mrs. Lukia Hatziioannou (special education teacher) and Mrs. Kelli Kotoula (psychologist) participated in the British Council workshop called “Shakespeare lives in schools”, which was held to honor the anniversary of 400 years from the death of the great English poet and playwright.

After the workshop, the students, who attend the upper grade classes and a group of students, who attend the middle grade classes of our school, were informed about Shakespeare’s biography and one of his famous theatrical plays, “The Merchant of Venice”.

With the valuable contribution of our school’s psychologist Mrs. Kelli Kotoula and the teachers Mrs. Kira Gonia and Mrs. Theodora Oikonomou, the children studied specifically adapted texts. Then, they analyzed the characters and tried to understand the concepts of “fair” and “unfair”.

Moreover, they watched an excerpt of the play, on the interactive whiteboard, without voice so that the children would repeat the words of the main characters: Antonio, Bassanio, Portia, Balthazar and Shylock. Then, the pupils were asked to choose on of the main characters, which they would like to act out and justify their choice.

Furthermore, Mrs. Nikoleta Dimopoulou, a theatrologist and artistic partner of the British Council, visited our school. Students had the opportunity to participate in activities related to the theatrical play “The Merchant of Venice”, by playing the game “Little statues”, where all students impersonated the citizens of Venice and had to stay motionless in front of the “Law”. The aim of this game was to understand that everything we do has consequences.

There was also another game related to the plot and the theme of the theatrical play and justice issues. The students were asked questions and they had to choose one of the three answers: “Yes”, “No” and “I am not sure”. Indicatively, some questions were: “Was Shylok’s decision to kill Antonio right?”, “Is it right to defy the law, in order to help a friend?” etc.

The next game was related to language and included multiple choice questions. The children read poem lyrics and had to choose the missing word in order to make a rhyme.

Finally, they played “hide and seek” at the school yard. The children were divided into two groups and had to make pairs in order to avoid “bad luck” to catch them.

Shakespeare “lived” in our school teaching children, through the Art of Theater and Literature, the concepts of “law and justice”, “unjust and injustice”, “good and evil”, “right and wrong”.

We would like to thank Ms. Nikoleta Dimopoulou for her valuable contribution and the British Council for the opportunity they gave us to “get a taste” of Shakespeare.

 3. On Monday, May 23, 2016 we visited the radio station of Piraeus: Channel 1, 90.4 FM and recorded the song of our school. An additional  activity, this time concerning teachers however our pupils  were very pleased as well as they participated in the rehearsals prior to the recording. So, just a few days before the summer  holidays, our school was filled with music and singing and emotions of happiness and joy!
The lyrics, were inspired by the teacher of our school Mrs. Lukia Chatziioannou and lined with music from Theodosis Palias,  represent the spirit of our school and what we really stand for “We are the first special primary school of Korydallos and we’re proud of it, love and friendship, good cooperation, these are the components of life so that to be magic! “.
Maria Kaltsa, Kelly Kotoula, Zacharenia Markezini, Mina Micha, Stamoula Mourelatou, Rita Papatsani, Georgia Tsiouchliara, Andreas Ferentinos, Lukia Chatziioannou and Athena Chioti, were the participating teachers, specialists and help staff, whom with a lot of joy, enthusiasm and rhythm gave the following outcome.
We thank the President of the radio station Channel 1 Piraeus Mr. Panagiotis Avramidis, director of Channel Mr. Andreas Rigopoulos and program director Mr. George Polychroniadis for their valuable contribution and support of our cause.

4. The emotions book is our last official “Artemotion Xpreess in Europe” activity for this school year. Pupils had to create a book full of emotions while using several materials. In our school we thought of giving to this activity another dimension thus we created our “emotions face book”. Three classes with their teachers, Rita, Zoi, Georgia, Zacharenia, started working on the project with great enthusiasm and joy. The idea was to create a little person with many facial expressions which will be easy for any pupil to choose the face that suits him/her best depending on his or her mood. We hope you like the outcome. We sure loved it even though we still haven’t come up with his name! Enjoy.

5. Our dearest partners from Poland, came up with a wonderful music kinetic project song. Thus, we thought that this is the best way to wish to all the partnership a Happy Summer! Enjoy.

6. On Tuesday, 6/14/2016 a celebration was held in our school for the farewell of the school year and the welcoming of the summer.

Pupils, parents and guests attended the presentation of the activities of the European Erasmus+ project «Artemotion Xpress program in Europe” and the activities in which children participated. They were also informed of the innovative programs implemented in our school as well as the E-twinning program «You said sculpture?”

The parents and guardians association gave souvenirs to the pupils who graduated this year and we were all deeply moved.

Our event ended with the participation of parents, pupils and educational staff, in artistic workshops which were organized in the school yard in order to farewell the school year with creatively, cooperatively, with a lot of color and feeling while tasting some cool ice creams, an polite offer of the  parents’ and guardians association.

Thank you all very much for your presence and wish you
a Lovely, Joyful and Creative Summer

full of Art and Emotion!

Below you can watch photographic moments of the event and some of the video presentations.




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