1. Our first official activity for the new school year is “The emotions through children’s eyes”. Pupils had to take many photos with different facial expressions while imprinting various emotions such as happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, love, disappointment, fear etc. Art and Emotions join again.

At first, we took advantage of our summer field trip where parents and children cooperated and spent many happy moments playing the game of emotions. The first part of the video is also dedicated to the pupils who have graduated reminding us of the great time we all had together.

September marks the opening of the new school year, thus, pupils and educational staff cooperated to make a video full of emotions and in this way found a way to bond and reunite after the summer holidays.

Do not hesitate to turn the video into a game and play “Can you guess the feeling?”

Hope you all enjoy it!

2. Our students have been engaged in various artistic activities in order to depict Autumn season, using different kinds of Art.

Students who attend the lower grades of our school, with the support of their teacher Mrs. Maria and their assistant Mrs. Mary, have started to create a collage of seasons, starting with the Autumn.

Mrs. Georgia with her students, who also attend the lower grades, made grapes out of paper and learnt about the autumn fruits and wrists, integrating the activity within their language course.

Mrs. Theodora’s class, using various materials, made the autumn fruits, a funny cloud and rainbows, which usually  appear after autumn rain.


Students who attend the middle grades of our school, with the support of their teacher Mrs. Maria and the assistant Mr. Tasos, made autumn flowers and Greek flags for the  celebration of the national anniversary of 28th October 1940.

Mrs Kelli (psyghologist), Mrs. Mina (speech-language therapist) and Mrs. Stamoula (occupational therapist) with a small group of students decorated our school tree with autumn leaves made out of paper.

All these activities aim to bring our students in contact with different materials and learn the Autumn season. The students practice their fine motor skills, at the classification, recognition and naming of colors and of course at the expression of the emotions caused during the autumn.

3. Our school’s Social Worker, Mrs. Passalidou Aggeliki during the “School for parents”, which exists in the school for several years, explained to the parents the emotional value of play.

It is very important to point out that:

  • Play is connected to the psychological and emotional development, learning and creativity.
  • Play is a mean of control and processing experiences, whilst contributing to the children’s psychological development, growth and maturity.
  • The relationship between the inner world of the child and the external reality is established through play.
  • The playing space and the toys are a source of creativity.
  • Through play and direct experience the process of learning is accomplished.
  • In the imaginary world of playing, the child, free from the restrictions of the real life and the anxiety, can develop new meanings of life.
  • The symbolic representation of emotions and thoughts through play, help the child give meaning to things that happen in his/her world.
  • Play is a way of learning, testing, conquest of the world, exploring of yourself and your relationship with the environment.

4. Our dear colleague Tasos’ guitar has become the favorite musical instrument of our students! Each class has its own time for music while children are requested to express themselves, to interact, to get familiar with music and singing, to learn musical instruments and become little musicians.

The teachers Mrs. Theodora and Mr. Andreas, the gymnastics teacher Mrs. Gianna, the kindergarten teacher Mrs. Matina and the assistants Mr. Tasos and Mrs. Maria with their students are going to implement an innovative program emphasizing on the Art of music! We will have regularly updates.

5. Mr. Tasos played his guitar and various other musical instruments, in Mrs. Thaleia’s, Mrs. Athena’s and Mrs. Georgia’s classrooms. The students are excited to attend and participate. The music manages either to relax and calm our little students or motivate them! Certainly the Art of music touches their emotional world.

6. The school’s celebration for the national anniversary of 28th October 1940 is really close. Therefore, students who attend the lower grades of our school, with the support of their teachers Mrs. Rita and Mrs. Maria and the support of the assistants Mr. Tasos and Mrs. Zaharenia, created a collage and Greek flags to decorate the classrooms.

7. During our school’s celebration for the national anniversary of 28th October 1940, the teachers Andreas and Euaggelia presented the events that occurred at that time, in an interactive and comprehensible way, using a power point presentation. The Art of music was once more used, as children and teachers altogether sang and heard songs from that era, feeling joy for the liberation of our nation and also grief for the suffering of our ancestors.

8. In October, there was a briefing for children and staff of our school, on the third short term joint staff training and learning event of the Erasmus+ program “Artemotion Xpress in Europe”, in the city Sibiu, Romania. During the presentation they were informed about the program which was followed, the actions and activities in which we participated, the lectures and workshops we attended.

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