3rd Transnational Project Meeting of the European Project Erasmus+ “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” (2015-1-EL01-KA219-013904_1)

Barcelona 6 – 9/02/2018

The third (3rd) transnational project meeting of the coordinators of the European Project Erasmus+ “Artemotion Xpress in Europe” (2015-1-EL01-KA219-013904_1) was conducted in Barcelona between the 6th and 9th of February 2018.

The coordinators of the strategic partnership started the meeting on Wednesday 07.02.2018 in CE Can Rigol and completed the works on Friday 09.02.2018. The meeting’s agenda included:

  • The conclusion of the activities and the evaluations
  • The European Platform
  • The Mobility tool
  • The writing of the final report of the project
  • E-twinning

On Friday 09.02.2018 we participated in a farewell carnival celebration. The well organized programme included tours in places of cultural interest.

The transnational project meeting was truly successful as we decided on important matters concerning the conclusion of our project.

Thank you Can Rigol for the impeccable hospitality.

Mourelatou Stamoula

Occupational Therapist, Main Coordinator of the Erasmus+ project “Artemotion Xpress in Europe”