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KARAGIOZIS – English School Paper, February 2011 Issue

by Evaggelia Zaharaki (6th grade)

When I was four years old, very small, I used to watch Karagiozis, a shadow puppet of a popular Greek shadow play. This theatre is very funny and I love it very much. They played Karagiozis, Aglaia, uncle-George and other characters whose names I don’t remember! Karagiozis is a lazy, poor man and has got a lot of laziness. His wife is Aglaia, who sometimes asks Karagiozis to do a lot of chores, but he doesn’t do them! He wants to be lazy for life!

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TISANE WITH LEMON AND GINGER – English School Paper, February 2011 Issue

by Christina Argiriou (6th grade)

1 handful of tisane leaves and flowers
1 tablespoon of fresh grated ginger
3 teaspoons of lemon juice

Boil in a pot half a liter of water with tisane and ginger for one minute. Remove them from fire and let them rest for five minutes. Drain in cups and add lemon, honey and sugar.

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BOO! – English School Paper, February 2011 Issue

by Chryssa Papalexopoulou (6th grade)

Our 6th grade English course book presents the story of “The fifty-cent piece” (, a strange ghost story that attracted everybody’s attention. Chryssa Papalexopoulou, inspired by the story she read, decided to present some other stories that she has heard or read about!

The fire
At some weekend, a girl invites her friend to the house because her parents had been on a trip. The girls lit some candles and they saw a horror film in the living room. When the film finished, the girls slept together in the bedroom. Late at night, as they were sleeping, the radio turned on and the girls woke up. A voice told them “Girls, hurry up, the living room is on fire” and the radio stopped. The girls could smell smoke and they ran to the living room. The girls had forgotten to blow the candles and the small window curtains were on fire! Fortunately, they managed to put out the fire with some water and they slept again, feeling puzzled about the radio voice…

The watchman
One day, some teens went camping in a place that someone had recommended. When they arrived, they were so tired from the travelling and they slept in no time. At midnight, one of the teens woke up because she heard a noise. Suddenly, two red eyes appeared on one side of the tent! She started screaming and all the others woke up. She told them what had happened and a man who was there told her that a hundred years ago a watchman of the camping had been murdered and some people say that he still watches over the place…

The boy
Last year a girl and her best friend went at the girl’s village. When they arrived, the children from the village told them a horror story. They told them that a young boy fell from the bridge into the river and he died and they said that today, anybody who crosses the bridge, he\she will see the boy screaming for help but when you leave the bridge the boy disappears. The same afternoon the girls went to the bridge to see if it was all true. They started to walk along the bridge when a boy appeared, screaming for help. The girls started running and they stopped at the end of the bridge. When they turned back, the boy had disappeared…

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MY VILLAGE – English School Paper, February 2011 Issue

by Vasso Boukorou and Zoe Gerogiakomou (4th grade)

The name of our village is Pteleos. It is in central Greece. It is near the sea.

We have got clean beaches and beautiful shops. An important city near Pteleos is Volos. There are a lot of mountains here. You can eat fresh fish, meat and olives here.

One of our festivals is on August 15th. We celebrate Virgin Mary. In the morning, people go to church and at night they go to the central square and have dinner in taverns. We also have another festival, the Carnival, in February. Children dress up and go to the central square and dance. They also go to a party at a club and they play treasure hunt, they throw confetti, dance and drink soft drinks and hot chocolate.

Many tourists visit Pteleos in the summer. They go to the village of Hamako, the Sea Museum in Achillio, the castle and, of course, the beaches!

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THE STORY OF MY AUNT KIKI – English School Paper, February 2011 Issue

The story of my aunt Kiki,
22nd May 1974 – 8th May 2008
by Evaggelia Zaharaki (6th grade)

Kiki was my aunt and she was born on 22nd May, 1974. She was always a good girl in her junior years.

When she was in the 1st class of Primary School, she was playing in the garden, but, one day, when she was playing there, she hit her knee and the ambulance drove her to the hospital. Luckily, this accident wasn’t serious, but she screamed and cried a lot, because it hurt. She didn’t play in the garden for four days, but after a while, she felt well. From then on, she was playing games without having any accidents.

When she was going in Junior High School and Senior High School, she used to walk on mountains and plains. When I was born, Kiki was 24 years old. She loved me very much. She taught me lots of things! Unfortunately, she died on May 8th, 2008.She died when she was 34 years old and I was 10 years old. When she died, I was very sad, because I loved her as much as she did. She had a problem with her heart.

Her life was short but I will always remember her!

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STAR SIGNS – English School Paper, February 2011 Issue

by Chryssa Papalexopoulou (6th grade)

You are lucky because you have the chance to go shopping and leave the stress.

Have fun with your friends and think about nothing else (except school, of course!)

Don’t forget your friends. They need you by their side.

Be more discreet because your friends trust you and it will be horrible to lose them!

You have found time for yourself. Change everything on you and make a big surprise.

Every morning give everyone a big smile. That will make their day better. Trust me!!!! With this you help them in the best way possible!

Help the environment. If you help it, something good will happen to you!!!

Unfortunately, you will have a bad week. Be careful and study hard because you might have a test at school.

You are an incredible person and you make everyone happy. You must know that a big surprise is on its way.

At Christmas you ate a little bit more so you must exercise. Why don’t you take your friends with you for more fun?

You have fantastic clothes but you must go shopping because something will happen and you must shine!!!

You are good at school projects but you must not stop trying.