BOO! – English School Paper, February 2011 Issue

by Chryssa Papalexopoulou (6th grade)

Our 6th grade English course book presents the story of “The fifty-cent piece” (, a strange ghost story that attracted everybody’s attention. Chryssa Papalexopoulou, inspired by the story she read, decided to present some other stories that she has heard or read about!

The fire
At some weekend, a girl invites her friend to the house because her parents had been on a trip. The girls lit some candles and they saw a horror film in the living room. When the film finished, the girls slept together in the bedroom. Late at night, as they were sleeping, the radio turned on and the girls woke up. A voice told them “Girls, hurry up, the living room is on fire” and the radio stopped. The girls could smell smoke and they ran to the living room. The girls had forgotten to blow the candles and the small window curtains were on fire! Fortunately, they managed to put out the fire with some water and they slept again, feeling puzzled about the radio voice…

The watchman
One day, some teens went camping in a place that someone had recommended. When they arrived, they were so tired from the travelling and they slept in no time. At midnight, one of the teens woke up because she heard a noise. Suddenly, two red eyes appeared on one side of the tent! She started screaming and all the others woke up. She told them what had happened and a man who was there told her that a hundred years ago a watchman of the camping had been murdered and some people say that he still watches over the place…

The boy
Last year a girl and her best friend went at the girl’s village. When they arrived, the children from the village told them a horror story. They told them that a young boy fell from the bridge into the river and he died and they said that today, anybody who crosses the bridge, he\she will see the boy screaming for help but when you leave the bridge the boy disappears. The same afternoon the girls went to the bridge to see if it was all true. They started to walk along the bridge when a boy appeared, screaming for help. The girls started running and they stopped at the end of the bridge. When they turned back, the boy had disappeared…

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