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Welcome to ELT in Greek Primary Schools!

My name is Vivi Hamilou and I am an appointed English teacher in a public Greek Primary School in Magnesia, currently serving as its HeadTeacher. Holding a degree in English Language and Literature from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and a Master’s Degree in English Language Teaching from the University of Patras, Greece, I have worked both in private English Language schools (1998-2003) and in the public sector in Greece since 2003. I was born in Lamia, Greece, and I now live with my husband and two daughters in Almyros, Greece.

ELT in Greek Primary Schools is a blog that was originally aspired to be a repository and portfolio of a collection of projects and an assortment of ELT-related useful links and news, a place to visit for ideas that can be mainly exploited in Greek public primary schools. And it still is! However, blogging for more than 10 years now, sharing ideas, thoughts and concerns has been brought to a whole new, different level in my mind, mainly owing to connecting with other EFL teachers. Issues discussed with them usually trigger more thoughts in my mind, so why not share, trouble some other minds but my own and maybe get answers, suggestions, inspiration!

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5 thoughts on “About me!

  1. Dear Vivi,

    I came across this FANTASTIC blog of yours and I am writing to congratulate you on your work! It is as bright and lively as you were at PEKADE event in Larissa!

    My blog : http://www.englishstaffroom.blogspot.com is a recent attempt and parallel to the setting up of the websiite, so it needs further improvement.

    I would appreciate further communication, cooperation, friendship and of course sharing of ideas and expertise!

    Marianthi Kotadaki
    School Advisor for English in Achaia, Peloponnese

  2. Dear Ms Kotadaki,

    Your kind and encouraging comments are highly appreciated, it means a lot to me!

    Your presentation at the PEKADE event in Larissa was really inspiring (and very professional!)! I’m currently working on a lesson plan with YouTube videos for my 6th graders, as I would like them to feel the excitement and have the fun I did, during the presentation of your lesson – standing in our learners’ shoes during your presentation was brilliant, so I hope I can achieve the same learner involvement in such a fun-filled lesson!

    I follow both blogs, there are interesting, eye-opening posts and they’re frequently updated! Communicating, cooperating, exchanging ideas and being friends with you is a warmly welcomed and highly appreciated suggestion! Looking forward to all these!

    Thanks again,
    Vivi Hamilou

  3. All sites that can make an EFL teacher’s life easier and more pleasant are welcomed here! Thank you for being there for us and a round of applause for your fantastic job! Keep it up!!!

  4. Good afternoon!
    I’ve just run into your wonderful blog and I would like to congratulate you! It’s my first year as an English teacher in primary school (I was a high school teacher for about 15 years) and I would appreciate your help with something: could you tell me how we can call «ευέλικτη ζώνη» in English?

  5. Thank you for the supporting comment, I really appreciate it! Your question is a tough one, indeed! There has been a lot of discussion about that issue, as some of us try to translate it as closely as possible (calling it Flexible Zone) and some of us try to explain what it is (therefore choosing terms like Free Zone, or Free Hour). All these years that I’ve been working in eTwinning programs, I have discussed about this with other European colleagues. Some of them have something similar in their schools and they call it Golden Hour, which is the term I like best, as it really is a golden opportunity for crosscurricular projects and experiential learning!

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