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Alphabet Puzzle for the Pre-Unit of Magic Book 2

Vivi Hamilou Alphabet puzzle cards 1

Reaching the end of the pre-unit of Magic Book 2, revising the letters is going to be pursued in a different way this year! In an attempt to combine learning with playing at the same time, we are going to introduce the Alphabet Puzzle Cards that have been designed to be used in different ways: as a puzzle that can be completed individually at school or at home, as a game to be played in pairs or groups with a time challenge – if applicable, or as a competition among individual learners, pairs or groups!

Having designed the alphabet puzzle cards on a document, the steps to be followed are very easy! First, we print the cards on plain paper or cardboard:

Vivi Hamilou Alphabet puzzle cards 2

Then, we place each card on the transparent sticker sheet that is usually used for book cover protection and we cut:

Vivi Hamilou Alphabet puzzle cards 3Vivi Hamilou Alphabet puzzle cards 4

After that, we cut each card on the lines:
Vivi Hamilou Alphabet puzzle cards 5

Vivi Hamilou Alphabet puzzle cards 6

Time to play, learn, revise and assess through a brain-teasing activity and, as each third-grader is meant to get his/her own set in a small box or bag this week, there’s more cutting ahead!

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Pinocchio says … have fun while learning!

Primary School of Sourpi
Primary School of Sourpi

If you are an English Language teacher, you surely are familiar with the “Simon says …” game! However, our 3rd grade course book invites us to play “Pinocchio says …”, as Pinocchio is our Unit 4 hero, in an attempt to engage us in a fun, enjoyable activity for vocabulary revision!

Please, enjoy this video of the recorded “Pinocchio says…” activity and try to focus on the learners’ faces (trying not to judge the sound of my recorded voice – I actually sound so different if you meet me in person!)!