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Let’s share our our knowledge, our experience and our views on education with colleagues from around the world at the  at the TeacherTechSummit

  • T1: Teacher well being
  • T2: Teacher leadership
  • T3: Teacher technology
  • T4: Teacher collaboration


  • Prioritise teacher voice
  • Place schools at the centre of the conversation
  • Be inclusive
  • Be change makers


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The project developed the critical thinking of our students in an innovative way, familiarizing them with the contributions of all these awe-inspiring women while identifying the issue of Gender Equality.

With inquiry based techniques, students discovered the reason why these women are inspirational and helped the world tremendously. They, then, produced their own multimodal work.

The activities were based on the principles of cognitive constructivism so that students could process the experiences they gained from the project, evaluate them and be able to build knowledge and positive attitudes.

The initial survey helped them realize the gender inequality in the decision makers of the community. With guided discovery and experiential engagement, students actively participated in national and transnational groups, collaboratively creating digital biographies for these women on a padlet.

Students used voice recordings to tell their story, greenscreen presentations to build an authentic link with these women,  digital posters to present the information their partners had shared, interactive posters with thinglink to include significant information in various forms of media and dioramas linked learning to unique creative experiences. Sharing their messages on Gender equality and messages of hope and health during the lockdown due to Covid 19 was a means to express their voice and build a rapport of solidarity.

Democratic participation was also promoted with the intercultural dialogue developed in the three forum discussions and the threefold reflective procedures of evaluation of the project. Interactive games and esafety rules were also inspired and produced enhancing digital literacy.

The pedagogical techniques used and the interaction achieved contributed to the development of students’ analytical-synthetic skills, their creativity, their respect for cultural diversity and the culture of collective spirit, enhanced them to take initiatives, and increased their empathy and confidence in an equitable learning environment.

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Long Live the knights

The Long Live the Knights eTwinning project is a collaborative action implemented during the school year 2019-2020, despite the adverse conditions due to Covid19.


The project, through the pedagogical use of issues related to positive thinking, aspires to  contribute to the improvement of the prevailing atmosphere within the grid of human relations at school and in society.

Combined with the pedagogical integration of ICT, in an interactive environment, the participation of students in the implementation of the program enhanced their creativity, improved their cognitive, communication and social skills and introduced them to applications and online tools.

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The Book of Global Goals

The Book of Global Goals was written by a team of teachers from around the world in collaboration with the Jane Goodall Institute.

I  translated and edited the Greek edition and I truly hope it will be useful to many colleagues in creating learning experiences with their students.I worked throughout July and August throughout the book, Christopher, working closely with the acting director, Koen Timmers, to ensure that all the Greek text and the Greek edition corresponds to the English edition and is close to our character, being readable and accessible to everyone, with respect to the writers and the whole group, and the audience that was addressed.  I consulted people with deep knowledge of Greek literature and educational subjects. I made it with love for the book, the goals and the kids!

Download it for free from: https://innovationsdglab.com/book

A very resourceful book! It has been great working on its translation. Totally worth sharing!

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Mars 2020

Ready to fly with the Mars 2020 rover!



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Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2019-2020

MIE Experts are part of an exclusive program created to recognize global educator visionaries using technology to pave the way for better learning and student outcomes. MIE Experts help shape the future– they work hand-in-hand with Microsoft to lead innovation in education, advocate for the effective use of technology in the classroom, share ideas with a global network of peers, and become thought leaders in the edtech space.

The Microsoft Innovative Educator (MIE) Expert program is an exclusive program created to recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers in the effective use of technology for better learning and student outcomes.


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eTwinning going Global

eTwinning going Global: Global Partnerships and Global Goals

Our work with my 6th grade students in the 1st Primary School of Pyrgos for Climate Action with Koen Timmers, https://www.climate-action.info/, in the Save the Word project with the dear colleagues, Betina Astride and Andrea Ullrich is hosted in the Visibility Newsletter 2019, on p.12, at https://joom.ag/T4Pe


You can also read an article about the Show me your Language eTwinning project we participated with my 4th and 6th graders, on page 115, written by Andrea Ullrich.

Congrats  to all the contributors!

Huge thanks to Daniela Bunea for this resourceful issue! Daniela, you are the best!

Hellenic eTwinning eTwinning Europe,
#climatechange #climatechangep #TeachSDGs #etwsmyl #etwstword #eTwinning

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Let your food be your medicine

Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

This famous quote attributed to Hippocrates who considered nutrition one of the main tools that a doctor can use inspired our eTwinning project in 2018-2019.

Greek, Czech and Italian students collaborated in order to know more about plants and nature, and to familiarize with health issues and the sustainability of our planet.

Information about herbs and gardening, recipes and volunteering were part of the project.

The Collaboration of our students is at https://twinspace.etwinning.net/71683/home


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eTwinning on Media

This year I had the huge pleasure to talk about eTwinning projects in the shows of two amazing people,

Mrs Maria Kyriaki Karaggeli is a fellow teacher who hosts an educational TV programme  on the local Greek TV station , OΡΤ TV. She invited me to discuss about eTwinning on March 28th. I invited the dear colleagues, Mrs Efi Katsigianni and Maria Zontou to talk about their eTwinning projects too.

Thodoris Kondylis is a meteorologist who hosts a radio show on the local Greek Radio Station VOX FM. He invited me and the good friend and colleague Mrs Maria Birba to talk about her ESA project on June 19th.

Huge Thanks Maria Kyriaki Karaggeli and Thodoris Kondylis!


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We are ART

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” This quotation which has been attributed to Pablo Picasso, was out motto in the eTwinning project WE ARE ART, https://twinspace.etwinning.net/71638/home.

9-12 year old pupils from six European schools from Italy, Catalonia, Finland, France, the Netherlands and Greece worked together on art related tasks. The project developed οur pupils’ skills in a creative and innovative way so that they can meet the challenges of the future, discovering the artist inside them.

The activities were designed on the basis of the principles of cognitive constructivism so that they can process the experiences they live, evaluate them and build up knowledge and positive attitudes. Through guided discovery, experiential engagement and teamwork, students actively participated in national and transnational groups by approaching learning in a multimodal, interdisciplinary and interactive way.

They discovered about the participating classes, schools, cities, countries, places to visit and traditions by adding the information they selected on an interactive board. They identified different Art disciplines collaborating with the partner countries in a pop art activity, where students became photographers and painted their partners faces in an Andy Warhol style and sharing with each other their collaborative trees.

They promoted SDGs through Art as they collaboratively designed and created an artistic alphabet of sustainability and participated in EWWR competition, receiving the European special prize award.

Participating in a collaborative web quest for famous artists, poem writing inspired by famous works of art and collaborative poem, painting their countries, playing digital quizzes based on the products of their work, creating their own collaborative digital stories and practising art in nature helped emphasized the role of as an important medium of cultural and social development.

The students took initiatives and responsibilities, participated in discussions in the forum and other web tools, voted for the project logo, reflected and evaluated their work. The pedagogical techniques used, the authentic and original works of Art students created and the interaction achieved contributed to the development of students’ skills, creativity, collective spirit, respect for Art, different cultures and multilingualism and increased their active participation.

A Letter the Whole story, the 1st part written by the Greek students and the 2nd part by the Finnish students

We are ART project made our students and us let ourselves go to be creative.

Thank you dear partners and students!!!

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