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4th Grade – Sports Song

All of us, English Language teachers in public Primary Schools of Greece, are familiar with the Sports Song presented in our coursebook, in Unit 2.

English Coursebook - 4th Grade - Sports Song Lyrics
English Coursebook – 4th Grade – Sports Song Lyrics

This school year this, normally rather indifferent to the learners, song was taken to a different level with a little bit of imagination and enthusiasm! Instead of just singing the lyrics, we simply added motions for every line of the song! And that is how we pursued learning sports in English and learning like + -ing structure while having fun! What you are about to see on the following video is a group of learners following directions as to where to stand and how to move, so that their face will not be exposed during the video-making process! What actually took place in class while learning the song, cannot be put into words and is only for the teacher to know and appreciate and the learners to remember for a long, long time! For me, the English teacher, it was the perfect end of a busy, tiring week, that you fortunately cannot see depicted on my face for video-quality reasons!

P.S. If you really liked what these 4th grade learners have presented, please, leave a note on their related school blog post, because they are afraid they will be the only ones watching their video!

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INTERVIEW WITH AN ARCHITECT – English School Paper, April 2011 Issue

Our 4th grade English course book invites learners to take an interview from a person who does any kind of job. Our 4th grade learners decided to take an interview from a local architect.

Interview with an Architect
by Vasso Boukorou and Zoe Gerogiakomou (4th grade)

In March we took an interview from Ms. Christina Theodororopoulou who is an architect. We want to find more information, because the job of the architect is interesting.

Do you only have work in Magnesia? If not, do you have more to do in Magnesia or somewhere else? I work everywhere, but more in Magnesia.

What does inspire you to sketch a house? I always have an idea of the place where the house will be. If the building is on a mountain or in the sea, the design will change.

How many years must someone study to do this job? In Greece, it takes five years. You can also have postgraduate studies which is for two more years or you can get a specialty.

Was the university difficult? No, it wasn’t very difficult. The lessons of the examinations were complex. There was not much theoretical examination, but there was a lot of sketching.

Is it difficult for someone to find a job as an architect? No, it isn’t difficult. You can work on your own, in a company, or work as a municipal clerk.

Can an architect decorate a house? Yes, of course he or she can decorate a house. S/he can change the colours, the furniture arrangement, the lights, s/he can even sketch new furniture.

Is it lucrative this job? It can be a lucrative job if one works with building licenses, renovations of houses and decorations.

Do you cooperate well with the workers? Yes, I cooperate very well with the workers because the sketches are easy to understand and we learn from each other.

Do you wear special clothes when you supervise the workers? Special clothes are not necessary. They have to be comfortable and casual. In big construction areas it is necessary to have a helmet on your head.

How many hours do you work per day? It actually depends on how much work you have to do, but it is definitely more than 8 hours.

Which is the most important sketch you have made? It’s the Museum of the Senses, which allows visitors to touch its surface and change it depending on their feelings at that moment.

Have you also designed other big buildings? I have designed two hotels. One of them is on the mountain and the other one is near the sea.

We would like to thank Ms Theodoropoulou for kindly and willingly answering our questions!

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POLAR BEAR – English School Paper, April 2011 Issue

Our 4th grade English coursebook invites learners to find information and write about animals that are in danger of extinction. Zoe wrote about polar bears.

by Zoe Gerogiakomou (4th grade)

The polar or the white bears live on the icy Arctic areas in Asia and America. They have got white fur. Their eyes are black. They are 1,30 – 1,40 metres tall and they weigh about 500 kilos.

Most of the times we meet polars bears in groups of 10 or 12, or sometimes even more. They swim great and dive wonderfully under the water. They eat seals, fish, reindeer, roots and seeds.

In the winter, pregnant white bears go to their nests, dig in the ground and give birth to small bears. The mum loves the baby bears very much.

There are many dangers that polar bears face, for example, illegal hunting, lack of food and the fact that the place where they live becomes smaller.

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POEMS ABOUT SEASONS – English School Paper, April 2011 Issue

Our 4th grade English book invites learners to write poems about seasons. Here is Zoe’s inspiration:

by Zoe Gerogiakomou (4th grade)

The sun is shining
Summer is here.
The children are swimming
Summer is here.
We go on holiday
Summer is here.
The children are eating ice-cream
Summer is here.

by Zoe Gerogiakomou (4th grade)

We go skiing
Winter is here.
We make a snowman
Winter is here.
It’s snowing
Winter is here.
Santa-Claus is coming
Winter is here.