Flashcards in the Greek public school third grade can be used in numerous ways and they can prove to be life-saviors with early-finishers! During the lesson, we normally use them to revise the letters of the alphabet that we have already learnt and introduce the new ones, along with the new vocabulary that accompanies them! Yesterday, however, we used them to revise letters and vocabulary in a fun way!

To be more precise, we divided the whiteboard in two parts. Each part had the same number of flashcards. The learners were supposed to match the picture with the word! The learner who was the first to finish correctly the matching task, won some stickers!

These flashcards were edited, printed and laminated about three years ago and were based on the alphabet vocabulary presented in the Greek public school third grade material Magic Book 1! We use them every year and, when we finish with the alphabet, we put them up on the wall for both educational and decorative reasons!

Primary School of Sourpi

Primary School of Sourpi

If you are an English Language teacher, you surely are familiar with the “Simon says …” game! However, our 3rd grade course book invites us to play “Pinocchio says …”, as Pinocchio is our Unit 4 hero, in an attempt to engage us in a fun, enjoyable activity for vocabulary revision!

Please, enjoy this video of the recorded “Pinocchio says…” activity and try to focus on the learners’ faces (trying not to judge the sound of my recorded voice – I actually sound so different if you meet me in person!)!

Με μεγάλο ενθουσιασμό και χαρά ξεκινήσαμε για πρώτη φορά φέτος στο Δημοτικό Σχολείο Σούρπης να μαθαίνουμε αγγλικά με τους μαθητές της Α΄ και Β΄ Τάξης! Αρχικά, μιλήσαμε για το … τι είναι τα Αγγλικά κι έπειτα γιατί είναι τόσο σημαντικό να τα μάθουμε! Παρακολουθώντας την ακόλουθη παρουσίαση, συνειδητοποιήσαμε όλοι μαζί ότι ήδη μιλάμε αγγλικά και ότι πολλές αγγλικές λέξεις προφέρονται με τρόπο που μας είναι εύκολο να καταλάβουμε τι σημαίνουν!

Ήδη μιλάμε αγγλικά, λοιπόν, αλλά τώρα το κάνουμε όπως οι Άγγλοι! Χεράκια μπροστά στο στόμα, βγάζουμε αέρα στους ήχους που είπαμε, δεν ακουμπάμε τη γλώσσα στον ουρανίσκο όταν λέμε το ‘ρ’ το αγγλικό και … φύγαμε για εξάσκηση από το σπίτι!

The Greek carnival is usually celebrated at the end of winter and the beginning of spring, Halloween, though, is celebrated on October 31st! There are major differences between the Greek carnival celebration and Halloween celebration, but there is surely one thing they have in common: dressing-up!

In terms of dressing-up, Halloween seems to be all about spooky costumes, whereas the Greek carnival appears to fulfil our dream of transforming into anything we desire! Whether it is Halloween or Carnival, every year, we, teachers, try to find crafts we can do with our learners in class! Here you will find an assortment of sites that abound in crafts, decorations, coloring pages, costume ideas, treats recipes and printables! Have fun with your learners at school and don’t forget your kids at home! You can have so much fun with them!

Ματιά (Carnival crafts and costumes ideas!)

Hartaetoi (Carnival crafts with pictures!)

EnchantedLearning.com (great, easy to make crafts!)

AllCrafts.net (Halloween crafts, decorations, even treats recipes!)

DLTK’s Holiday Crafts for Kids (Frankenstein, ghost, vampire, witch, owl crafts …)

ActivityVillage (Skeletons, witches, bats and cats, pumpkins of all sorts, candy corn, monsters and ghosts too, so with well over 80 craft ideas here you should find something that is just the right amount of spooky for you!)

AllFreeCrafts (Here you can find crafts and decorations, Halloween recipes, party ideas and Halloween games, Halloween costumes and makeup, as well as printables!)

FamilyCorner.com (Crafts, decorations, recipes … you can try them at home with your kids, too!)

FreeKidsCrafts.com (Halloween printables, recycled crafts, costume ideas and food crafts!)

CraftBits.com (Halloween crafts, project ideas, decorations and wreaths!)

AllKidsNetwork (Halloween crafts for kids of all ages!)

42 Super Easy Halloween Craft Ideas (Wonderful and easy-to-make crafts for classrooms and families!)

20 Kid-friendly Halloween decorations (last-minute crafts, perfect for at-home or in the classroom)

Here is the video we normally watch at school to find out how Halloween is celebrated in Britain:


English Exercises is a website full of exercises to practise English online. The exercises have been submitted by English teachers from all over the world and they are categorized as VOCABULARY and GRAMMAR exercises. Your learners will have the opportunity to practice English developing thus their vocabulary, grammar and listening skills (a lot of the activities include songs and videos!).

The world wide web abounds in printable worksheets related to Christmas! Here are some links you may find useful:

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Christmas Printables

Gift tags, gift certificates, Victorian Santa cards, lists and more for the Christmas season!

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Here you will find a collection of online word games, activities and quizzes that can help children learn and practise English vocabulary related to Christmas in a fun way. Also, we offer a variety of printable exercises and activities for young ESL learners, including Christmas word games, picture quizzes, vocabulary tests, board games and crafts.