Ψηφιακό Σχολείο
Ψηφιακό Σχολείο

Αγγλικά Ε΄Δημοτικού – Διδακτικό Πακέτο

Αγγλικά Ε΄ Δημοτικού – Βοήθημα Βιβλίου

Αγγλικά Ε΄ Δημοτικού – Βοήθημα Τετραδίου Εργασιών

Εκπαιδευτικό Λογισμικό Αγγλικών Ε΄Δημοτικού

Διαδραστικό/Εμπλουτισμένο βιβλίο Αγγλικών Ε΄ Δημοτικού 

Δωρεάν Υλικό

Vocabulary lists, online exercises, vocabulary and grammar presentations

Vocabulary Lists


Unit 1

Lesson 1

An email from an Irish friend

Crossword Puzzle

Cloze Test

Computer Parts

Lesson 2

Cloze Test – Simple Present

Multiple Choice – Simple Present

Guess who – My Internet friends

Picture Dictionary – Hobbies

Reading activity – Internet friends from all over Europe

Reading activity – Talking on the Net

Reading activity – A day in my life

Picture Dictionary – Nationalities

Reading activity – A day in my life

Picture Dictionary – Daily routines

Lesson 3

Cities in the United Kingdom

Digital Story – British Isles

Cloze Test – Meeting an alien

Hidden Words – Internet & Computers

Reading activity – The United Kingdom


Revision test 1 – 5th Grade of Primary School


Unit 2

Lesson 1


Schools in Japan (jumble words)

Prepositions of time (multiple choice)

Lesson 2

Daily routine (cloze test)

Adverbs of frequency (hidden words)

Daily routine (picture dictionary)

Hobbies (picture dictionary)

Lesson 3

My favourite day – Chinese New Year

My favourite day – Diwali

My favourite day – Eid Al Fitr

Customs around the world (reading activity)

About France (cloze test)

Present Simple (multiple choice for younger children)


School life and the world around us (revision test)


Unit 3

Lesson 1


The place we live in (reading activity)

My family (jumble words)

Expressing opinions (multiple choice)

Do you like the place you live in? (reading activity)

Keep safe, stay alive

Lesson 2

Life in the village (cloze test)

Giving directions (jumble words)

Places in a city (picture dictionary)

Virtual tour – The Acropolis

The treasure map

Virtual tour – The London Eye

Lesson 3

A Greek town – Ioannina (reading activity)

Corinth (cloze test)

More about geography (multiple choice)

Virtual tour – The White Tower


Places (revision test)


Unit 4

Lesson 1

A letter to Santa

My favourite day – Christmas


Christmas presents

Digital Story – Dolphin therapy

Dolphins (cloze test)

Christmas (multiple choice)

Virtual tour – Trafalgar Square

Lesson 2

Santa’s little helper

Quiz Christmas

Christmas holidays (hidden words)

Christmas (hangman)

Lesson 3

The busy elf

Senses and feelings (crossword)

New Year’s Eve (jumble words)


Christmas everywhere (revision test)


Unit 5

Lesson 1

Clean and green

Recycling (crossword)

Present Continuous (multiple choice)

Lesson 2


Planet Earth

It’s up to me and you


The story of quinine

Digital Story – Mediterranean forests

Environment (anagram)

Can or Cannot (multiple choice)

Lesson 3

Digital Story – The Little Explorers

Greener cities (cloze test)

Protecting the environment (hidden words)


Ready for action! (revision test)


Unit 6

Lesson 1

Adjectives (anagram)

Comparative form (multiple choice)

Living in the city or in the countryside? (reading activity)

Places in a city (picture dictionary)

Lesson 2

Record Breakers

World Records

Quiz Animal Records

Quiz Naturals World Records

World records (reading activity)

Digital Story – Guiness World Records

The world’s largest cruise ship (cloze test)

Even more comparisons (multiple choice for younger children)

Lesson 3

Comparative and superlative forms (hidden words)


Good, better, best! (revision test)



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