Αγγλικά Δ΄ Δημοτικού – Διδακτικό Πακέτο

Αγγλικά Δ΄ Δημοτικού – Βοήθημα Βιβλίου

Αγγλικά Δ΄ Δημοτικού Βοήθημα Τετραδίου Εργασιών

Εκπαιδευτικό Λογισμικό Αγγλικών Δ΄Δημοτικού

Διαδραστικό/Εμπλουτισμένο βιβλίο Αγγλικών Δ΄ Δημοτικού 

Vocabulary lists, online exercises, vocabulary and grammar presentations

Vocabulary Lists


Unit 1

Lesson 1

Picture Dictionary – Numbers

My office objects




Lesson 2

Picture Dictionary – Days, months, seasons

Lesson 3

Webquest – This is my school

Picture Dictionary – School


Unit 2

Lesson 1

Crossword – Sports

Hidden Words – Sports

Picture Dictionary – Sports

Sports Maze

Sports Mixer



Lesson 2

Anagram – Sports & Hobbies

Picture Dictionary – Hobbies

Lesson 3

Cloze Test – Sports & Hobbies

Jumble Words – Sports & Hobbies

Multiple Choice – Sports & Hobbies

Multiple Choice – Olympic sports

Webquest – The Olympic Games

Webquest – The Olympic Games, then and now


Unit 3

Map Quiz – European Countries

Lesson 1

Anagram – Nationalities

Picture Dictionary – Nationalities

Space Blaster – Play the Game

Lesson 2

Crossword – Places in a town

Hidden Words – Places in a town

Picture Dictionary – Places in a city

Places in Town – Play the Game

Lesson 3

Webquest – Let’s talk about Greece


Unit 4

Lesson 1

Word Match – Telling the time

Picture Dictionary – Days, months, seasons

Lesson 2

Anagram – Months & Seasons

Cloze Test – Seasons & Weather

Weather – Play the Game

Weather – Spelling Game

Weather Maze – Game

Lesson 3

Webquest – Weather around the world

Hidden Words – Months, Seasons & Weather

Jumble Words – Time & Weather

Multiple Choice – Time


Unit 5

Lesson 1

Peter Pan (jumble words)

Daily habits (word match)

Asking about daily habits (word match)

Daily habits (multiple choice)

Lesson 2

Christmas (crossword)

Christmas customs (cloze test)

Christmas (hidden words)

Halloween (hidden words)

Halloween (multiple choice)

Christmas (picture dictionary)

Balloon burst

Play with friends – Quiz Christmas

Play with friends – Quiz Halloween

Digital Story – Halloween I

Halloween (picture dictionary)

Fill the gaps – Christmas

Lesson 3

Finding out about habits and customs (webquest)

Customs around the world (webquest)


Unit 6

Lesson 1

Animals (hangman)

Animal proverbs (word match)

Animal similes (word match)

Animal sounds (word match)

Animal riddles (multiple choice)

Find the pairs – Pets

Balloon burst – Pets

Find the definition – Working with animals

Lesson 2

Animals (hidden words)

Caretta caretta (jumble words)

Endangered species (word match)

Endangered species (multiple choice)

Label the picture – Sea animals

Hangman – Amazing Animals

Label the picture – Sea Animals

Short stories – The voyage of the animal orchestra

Lesson 3

Animals in danger (webquest)

Animals (picture dictionary)

Play with friends – Quiz Lemurs

Hangman – Rainforest animals