Flashcard Game in the 3rd Grade

Flashcards in the Greek public school third grade can be used in numerous ways and they can prove to be life-saviors with early-finishers! During the lesson, we normally use them to revise the letters of the alphabet that we have already learnt and introduce the new ones, along with the new vocabulary that accompanies them! Yesterday, however, we used them to revise letters and vocabulary in a fun way!

To be more precise, we divided the whiteboard in two parts. Each part had the same number of flashcards. The learners were supposed to match the picture with the word! The learner who was the first to finish correctly the matching task, won some stickers!

These flashcards were edited, printed and laminated about three years ago and were based on the alphabet vocabulary presented in the Greek public school third grade material Magic Book 1! We use them every year and, when we finish with the alphabet, we put them up on the wall for both educational and decorative reasons!


  1. Hello, great work! I saw that you didn’t keep an alphabetical order when you put the cards on the wall. Do you think it’s better to put them in a random order?

  2. Thank you for the comment! New letters are presented in our school course book in a non-alphabetical order, so we learn them this way! It actually works well, as learners move from the simple and easy to form ones to the most complicated or different from the Greek ones!

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