A DAY IN MY LIFE by our 5th graders – December Issue 2010 – Primary School of Pteleos

What is really the daily routine of a fifth-grader? Learners, based on their course book, have written articles on a day in their life!

by Danae Xiromeriti

My name is Danae, I’m 10 years old. I get up at 7:00 o’clock every morning. I eat breakfast. Then I wear my clothes, brush my teeth, my hair and I wash my face. After that, I go to school.

At school we learn Maths, Greek, English, History, Geography and French. School starts at 8:00am and ends at 13:15pm but on Thursday and Friday it finishes at 14:00pm. In school we have one teacher for most of the subjects and one teacher for English, one for French and one for P.E.

When I get home from school I do my homework. I play with my friends volleyball. I like sitting with my family in the sofa and watching TV and eating popcorn. In my spare time, I play with my play station two.

Before I go to bed I watch TV. I like watching programmes like ‘Patty’ and ‘Great Creatures’. After that, I brush my teeth, I say goodnight and I go to bed at 10:00pm.

by George Papargiris

My name is George. I ’m ten years old. I get up at seven o’clock every morning. I have my breakfast and I go to school.

The school starts at quarter past eight and ends at quarter past one. On Thursday and Friday it ends at two o’clock. At school we learn Geography, Language, Maths, French, English and History.

When I get home I eat and I do my homework. In the afternoon I play with my friend.

In the evening I watch TV. My favourite TV program is Spiderman 3.At eleven o’clock I go to bed.

by Helen Kaltsouni

Every day I wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning. I wash my face, I brush my teeth, I eat breakfast, I put on my clothes, I take my school bag and I usually go to school by my dad’s car.

The bell rings at eight o’clock and the lesson begins. We have a lot of subjects at school; Greek Language, Maths, History, Geography, Physical Education, English, French, etc, so every day is a difficult day. We have three breaks between the lessons to eat our snack.

The school ends at half past one, I come back home only to change my bag, because I have an English lesson just after school. The English lessons ends at half past three, I return home, I wash my hands and finally it’s time for lunch. Then, I have some rest watching TV, or I sometimes go to bed for an hour.

Between five and six o’clock it’s time to do my homework for the next day. I eat something for dinner at nine o’clock. If I have time, I watch some TV and I go to bed at eleven o’clock, because another difficult day at school comes!!!

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