PTELEOS, OUR VILLAGE by our 5th graders – December 2010 Issue – Primary School of Pteleos

by our 5th graders

Pteleos is the name of our village. It is in central Greece and it is very beautiful. It has a lot of places to visit. Some of them are the following:

by George Papargiris & Kosmas Gourgiotis

Hamako was a very old village. The people left it in 1927.Hamako had a windmill on a hill for the people’s service in the past. Today people who visit it can see the ruins. People left the village around 1915 and it didn’t have any residents in 1927. People went to other cities and villages because they wanted to grow olive trees and they didn’t want to have animals any more.

by Joanna Skoura & Helen Alamanioti

The Sea Museum of Achillio was founded by the Prefecture of Pteleos. A tourist can see the secrets and the beauties of the sea world. The museum opened for the first time in May, 2002. Ever since, people who want to visit the Museum, call and make an appointment. It is one of the most important sea museums of continental Greece. Near the museum you can see the ruins of a windmill. The Hamako community board built this windmill at the top of a hill, so that it could be used by the people of the village and the neighboring villagers. Today you can only see its ruins.

by George Papargiris & Kosmas Gourgiotis

Pteleos was always one of the most important ports of the Aegean Sea. A castle was built in the entrance of the port in 1204. It was very tall and big. Its entrance was very big for safety. The only way to get into the castle was to use a ladder. There were a lot of houses around the castle.

by George Papargiris & Kosmas Gourgiotis

Pteleos has a lot of beaches. The biggest is Lyhoura which is famous for its birds. It’s 1 kilometer long. You can also visit a lot of other beaches. They’re Karavotsaki, Mitrouna and Lefki. A lot of tourists also visit Panagia, because it has a beach bar and a lot of umbrellas. Then, they can take a shower and have lunch.

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