1st graders

1st graders

Everybody knows it, 1st graders in Primary Schools are heart stealers! It is unavoidable, teachers, no one can resist bright eyes, smiley faces, lively creatures,cheerful attitude, positive aura and readiness to be part of a team!

This year, at the Primary School of Efxeinoupoli, Magnesia, Greece, after discussing with the 1st graders about what is the English language and why it is important to speak it well in the future, they realized that they already speak English without ever knowing or noticing it! Having recognized all of the words included in the following presentation, we started pronouncing them like English people do! And they did so well!


  1. I have used only flashcards or objects for the words they know already. A power point presentation seems to be an interesting alternative.Thank you!

  2. Computer use is always attractive in the classroom! Flashcards and objects, though, give you lots of opportunities for different kinds of games! So, why not use all of the above? 😉

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