LETTER TO THE STUDENTS AROUND THE WORLD – December 2010 Issue – Primary school of Pteleos

Dear students around the world,

I would like to give you my view on the endangered sea creatures in the Mediterranean. I was searching on the internet for information about recycling, when an eco-friend sent me an email, emitting SOS.

I think sea pollution is the reason why fish and other sea creatures die. Some bird-brained people drop rubbish into the sea. This rubbish takes a million years to decompose and all these years the sea is polluted. The worst is the plastic rubbish, which is impossible to decompose.

People must wake up and see that they ruin earth, the ground on which they walk. The sea contains 50% of our oxygen and it’s like we pollute the air we breathe.

All of us should drop our rubbish into recycling bins and not into the seas and beaches. And when we see litter on the ground, we should pick it up and drop it into a bin, even if it is not ours.

Governments must put recycling bins everywhere, including the beaches and all people should pick up all the rubbish from the ground.

Thanks for your time and I hope the earth will become a better place to live!

Kind Regards,
Hryssa Papalexopoulou (6th grade)

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