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INTERVIEW WITH AN ARCHITECT – English School Paper, April 2011 Issue

Our 4th grade English course book invites learners to take an interview from a person who does any kind of job. Our 4th grade learners decided to take an interview from a local architect.

Interview with an Architect
by Vasso Boukorou and Zoe Gerogiakomou (4th grade)

In March we took an interview from Ms. Christina Theodororopoulou who is an architect. We want to find more information, because the job of the architect is interesting.

Do you only have work in Magnesia? If not, do you have more to do in Magnesia or somewhere else? I work everywhere, but more in Magnesia.

What does inspire you to sketch a house? I always have an idea of the place where the house will be. If the building is on a mountain or in the sea, the design will change.

How many years must someone study to do this job? In Greece, it takes five years. You can also have postgraduate studies which is for two more years or you can get a specialty.

Was the university difficult? No, it wasn’t very difficult. The lessons of the examinations were complex. There was not much theoretical examination, but there was a lot of sketching.

Is it difficult for someone to find a job as an architect? No, it isn’t difficult. You can work on your own, in a company, or work as a municipal clerk.

Can an architect decorate a house? Yes, of course he or she can decorate a house. S/he can change the colours, the furniture arrangement, the lights, s/he can even sketch new furniture.

Is it lucrative this job? It can be a lucrative job if one works with building licenses, renovations of houses and decorations.

Do you cooperate well with the workers? Yes, I cooperate very well with the workers because the sketches are easy to understand and we learn from each other.

Do you wear special clothes when you supervise the workers? Special clothes are not necessary. They have to be comfortable and casual. In big construction areas it is necessary to have a helmet on your head.

How many hours do you work per day? It actually depends on how much work you have to do, but it is definitely more than 8 hours.

Which is the most important sketch you have made? It’s the Museum of the Senses, which allows visitors to touch its surface and change it depending on their feelings at that moment.

Have you also designed other big buildings? I have designed two hotels. One of them is on the mountain and the other one is near the sea.

We would like to thank Ms Theodoropoulou for kindly and willingly answering our questions!

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INTERVIEWING A LOCAL FOOTBALL PLAYER – English School Paper, April 2011 Issue

by our 6th graders

On Monday 11th April we took an interview from the footballer Vassilis Siamanikos who plays in the local football team Protessilaos. He came to our classroom and we had prepared a questionnaire.

First, we asked him how long he has been playing football and he replied that he was in the local football academy since he was 14 years old. Now he’s been playing for 6-7 years in Protessilaos. The second question we asked was if he had taken part in any other types of sports teams and if so, which sport. He told us that he liked swimming, but there are not many facilities in Pteleos, so he chose football.

Then, we wanted to know if there are times when he feels like he doesn’t like football and he answered that he doesn’t like its competitive nature and injuries. After that, we asked him if he likes being in this team and he answered that he likes that because he feels that his co players are family and this year they won the cup. Also, we asked him what is the right age for someone to start training if he wants to become a professional football player and he told us that the sooner one starts, the better it is. The last question of the questionnaire we had prepared had to do with how someone can evolve from a local team to a bigger team with professional footballers. His answer was that someone must see him playing and acknowledge his talent or that he should participate in tournaments where players from lower divisions can go, play football and be selected if they are good.

In the end, when the questions from our questionnaire had finished, we started asking him questions that we wanted to be answered and of all these questions we learnt a lot of things. We learnt that footballers in Protessilaos are amateur players, meaning they are not paid, but they train six hours per week. Also, we learnt that personally he had won a prize and recently the team won a cup. We also asked what every player must do to get ready for a match and he answered that every player mustn’t go to sleep late the precedent night and before the match every player must eat something light, without too many fats, like spaghetti, or chicken.

We would like to thank Vassilis Siamanikos for coming to our school for the interview for our school newspaper. We learnt things that we didn’t know for the history of ”Protessilaos” and we’re excited. We always go to the stadium or at their football matches when they are far away, but now we decided to support the team even more.

Apart from the fact that we learnt a lot, we realized that when Mr Siamanikos was a child, he had the opportunity to train and learn how to play football in his area. As for us, we have to move to Sourpi, or Almyros to have the chance to take exercise. Therefore, we decided to write a letter to the football team management to express our interest in the creation of a football team for children our age. Here is the letter we sent and it has been signed by all the learners who want to learn how to play football:

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1st Primary School of Almyros – November Issue – Interviewing A Reporter / Newspaper Owner

by Alexia A. (6th grade)

On Wednesday 4th November we, the 6th graders, visited the office where the local newspaper “Ο ΛΑΟΣ ΤΟΥ ΑΛΜΥΡΟΥ” is prepared. We saw there the room where the reporters work and, on the same day, Mr. Tsintsinis, the owner of the newspaper, came to our school and we asked him some questions.

First of all, we asked Mr. Tsintsinis some things about the newspaper. We found out that the newspaper was founded eleven years ago. He also told us that an article can take from 30 minutes to one day to be edited. In addition, we got the information that in this newspaper there are four important categories of professionals working for it: the reporters, the technicians, the secretary and the marketing manager. Moreover, we were told that, for the newspaper to be printed, all the articles are ready from the previous day. Finally, when we asked him which article he considers to be most successful, or influential among those he has written, he told us that he thinks that his article about contaminated water consumption in Almyros was one that was discussed a lot, he received a lot of criticism about it and he was even led to trial for it, only to be acquitted afterwards.

We are really grateful to Mr. Tsintsinis for the opportunity he gave us to get to know more about how a newspaper is created and what the job of a reporter is all about (see also the article in Greek for extra information on the interview).