Food Posters – Primary School of Efxeinoupoli, Greece

I don’t know about your teaching context, but posters seem to be our favourite project in my school, especially if learners are urged to work collaboratively on them! Every time we get to the 2nd unit of our 5th grade Pupil’s Book, my learners are very excited to create food posters! They use magazines, leaflets, markers and crayons, they add a lot of imagination and give it all they’ve got with colourful cardboard backgrounds, stickers and glitter! The moment their posters are on the school noticeboard they attract everybody’s attention and positive comments and our corridors gain a more personal and familiar touch! I am so proud of their work and contribution to this beautiful, educational and inspiring result!


This week in our school continues to move in the rhythm of Halloween that is celebrated every year on October 31. We are interested in familiarizing ourselves with this experience that is a cultural element of the English Language that we learn in our school! Last week, the youngest children of the school watched a presentation of the Halloween tradition, sang, danced, while the fourth grade students played a Halloween Escape Room game in groups, using a video projector, in their classroom!

Today, welcoming the children at school included an introduction to the corner with the witch’s workshop! Magic filters and strange ingredients caught the attention of our learners who had fun stirring with the ladle and checking out the ingredients for the witch’s strange and secret recipes! Happy Halloween, everyone!