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Workplace – The integration machine?!

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Places with heavy industry and mining have a long history of people moving into the area. People from different nations and creeds came together. In our Europeans for Peace project we have tried to trace our cities as ‘melting pots’. We wanted to know how and if the melting pot worked bringing people together. We have interviewed mine workers, social workers, historians. We have visited sites to get a hands feel of the shaping forces at work in these environments (liviing quarters, work places, machinery). In this webinar, we want to share our findings and thoughts with you. In the forum of our twinspace we would like to get to know your thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you!


Type Online
Date 05.06.2020
Time 10:00 – 11:00 CET
Confirmed participants (33)
Language Deutsch


The Integration Machine Presentation

Workplace – The integration machine Presentation


On line teachers’ meeting May 25, 2020


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