Aliveri, Evia Greece


mzDbfoa-I4wL6eE-SmvpAuw 2nd Geniko Lykeio Aliveriou, EviaGreece

Greek school system – Το Εκπαιδευτικό Σύστημα Ελλάδας

In Greece students have two options in Upper Secondary Education. They choose between General Education (General Lyceum) and Vocational Training.

Students in General Lyceum attend a three-year post-compulsory education.

  • The second year allows students to specialise within one of two option streams,
  1. Humanities & 2. Science, IT & Health Studies
  • The third year they specialise within one of three option streams,
  1. Humanities – 2. Science and 3. Economics and Informatics.

There is also a common core of General Education: Religious affairs – Modern Greek – Greek literature – History – Biology – Foreign language – Mathematics – Social sciences history & Physical Education


Αλιβέρι η πόλη μας – Aliveri, our town

My hometown



  Aliveri, the first light – Αλιβέρι: Το πρώτο φώς (Η ιστορία της ΔΕΗ και των ορυχείων)


Constantine P. Cavafy – Ithaki (Ιθάκη)

Video:recitation by Sean Connery
music by Vangelis

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