"The teacher burnout and the new educational reality as a challenge of cooperation and professional enhancement"



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The local press talks about the multiplier event of Greek partners


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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Christmas card 2023 TBU

The Team of Teacher Burnout wishes you all

a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Multiplier event Georgia (December 2023)

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Trying to spread the results of our project, each partner country organized a multiplier event.  The first one was held in Tbilisi, Georgia and was hosted by the AIA GESS school. Before the event, six schools from Tbilisi implemented teaching scenario “Save the sea” and did clean-up activities from 20-28 of November 2023, with the involvement of more than 70 school students and teachers in total.
Umbrella and schools invited teachers, school students, and school administration workers, including directors and other educational and helper staff from secondary schools of participating six schools.
The event started with presenting the project, its aim, objectives, and results. All outputs were presented in detail by the representative of Umbrella. Students presented their experiences and talked about the environmental issues, clean-up and schools’ role in combating climate change.
The event continued with a panel discussion during which a teacher, student and project team were sharing their opinions about the entire project and burnout issue.
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Multiplier event Lithuania (December 2023)

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To share the ideas and to summarize all activities done, Joniškio Rajono Švietimo Jstaigų Vadovų Asociacijathe in Lithuania held a multiplier event on December 2023. Association of Heads of Educational Institutions of Joniškis District invited well known Lithuanian psychologist Tomas Lagūnavičius for the final conference. He was talking about the leadership principles and burnout. During this meeting, headmasters, deputies and teachers went through phases of problem structuring: metaproblems, problem specification, problem highlighting, problem research, real problems, problem situation and formal questions how to avoid teachers’ burnout.
Another part of the event was to share good practices and present all activities done during project implementation.
The headmaster of “Saulės” basic school presented several activities organized at “Saulės” basic school during the project time. Some activities became a tradition (repeated every year 2022 – 2024).
Žagarė and Skaistgirys headmaster went a bit different way to present their activities: “How to burn but not to burn out” Many examples were presented about (with) teachers who work together. Also was mentioned the colaboration among different schools from Latvia and others.
And one more presentation was the widest summary of all activities and mobility in the coordinating country Greece (Rhodos). Headmaster of M. Slančiauskas progimnazium presented the comparison of Greek and Lithuanian educational systems.
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Multiplier event

Joniskis District Educational Institution Heads Association from Lithuania are preparing a multiplier event about Teacher Burnout on the 15th of December! .

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Collaboration with schools poster

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Multipliers event 

On the 10th of December, more than 40 participants (school pupils, parents, school administration) from 6 schools took part in the multipliers event in Tbilisi.

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Participants shared their experiences from the previous activity and got acquainted with the project’s outcomes.

We want to thank the following schools for participating in the event.

Public school 177

Public school 182

Public school 46

School Kandidi


School Progress

Special thanks to school AIA-GESS for hosting the event.


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An interview by Kostas Karpouzis

An interview by Kostas Karpouzis from Panteion University about AI and the future
“We have been increasingly overwhelmed in recent years by the developments surrounding the achievements of Artificial Intelligence. Whether these concern new applications for the production of written speech, or systems that answer our questions, or an assistant for household tasks, the encroachment of digital technology into our daily lives is already evident, while in the coming years the development of Artificial Intelligence and its effect on humans are expected to concern even more”.

Κ. Καρπούζης στο «Θ»: «Τα επαγγέλματα που θα κινδυνεύσουν από την Τεχνητή Νοημοσύνη δε θα απαιτούν την ανθρώπινη πρωτοβουλία»

Online partner meeting

All partners met online on the 22nd of November 2023 to improve their digital skills in Moodle platform. Kostas Karpouzis from Panteion University explained all possibilities of uploading and using teaching material on Moodle. Hopefully the use of our project’s Moodle will improve our daily school routine, our communication and collaboration.


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