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Eratosthenes Experiment preparations! Sun energy , Physics , Math and… Art !!!

Jan 201912

The infamous Eratosthenes experiment, was conducted more than 2200 years ago, by the synonymous Greek mathematician and geographer, using only a stick, a measuring tape, feet and brains!

It is highly educational and can be implemented rather easily nowadays, and also adapted to our Erasmu+ project ccoperation and become a common project , combining fun and science!

Mr Grigoris Vassilopoulos , Physics teacher from 2nd Junior High School who had the idea and organises the common experiment suggests that the experiment should take place around the time of the spring equinox, March 21st , keeping in mind that there is a better chance of good weather conditions then, too !

The main reason is that in a few days after that, our students will meet in Genoa and the whole thing will be fresh in their minds to exchange thoughts and ideas, or to give a presentation to each other.
So the experiment might take place between 18th and 22nd of March.

Here you can find material about

Who Eratosthenes was and how the experiment will be conducted, teacher’s guide etc:

Download file

Download file

Download file


And also the worksheets that  students from all partner schools will have with them during the action

as well as some instructions as how the experiment will be conducted:

Download file

Download file

Download file


Here are also some photos of last year’s experiment too with students and teacher Grigoris Vassilopoulos instructions  (along with the Sun Stencil Art by Erasmus team students  13 years old and Fine Arts teacher Andreou Aikaterini , a parallel art project that could be repeated this year too but this year with Erasmus portrait sun stencil! )  :


you can watch informational video  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8cbIWMv0rI


and the experiment in our school 3 years ago , in an unedited draft video in greek language ( the experiment is conducted every year in our school, this is part 2 , you can watch the part 1 in our school 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada youtube channel) :


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