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ERASMUS+ Our Team : Goethe Gymnasium Kassel, Germany – Galileo Galilei Technical School Genova, Italy – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, Greece


Our student mobility to Kassel is cancelled because of the Covid19 pandemic

Apr 20203

These days we would be in Germany having a blast with all our Erasmus+ partners…

But times are strange and difficult  and we stayed home as our mobility is cancelled.

Unfortunately our students  missed this wonderful mobility and exciting last educational, cultural and scientific experience of this last year of our three years Erasmus project… But our students and everybody’s safety and health comes first.
We hope we can work on digital platforms and conclude this year’s work from distance. But the most important part, the experience for our students who most of them have never travelled abroad before, and the opportunity to stay with German families and enjoy the hospitality of Goethe Gymnasium is lost. We hope that the German school will be able to host some teleconferences this week so that we all feel closer during these strange times…

Our last mobility and our last chance in this project to get together with the students and teachers of our partner schools is lost, but in Amaliada we try to find ways to learn about our partner school in Kassel and travel there in our imagination!

Even we all are very sad for this,  we know that at least our Italian partners in Genova are safe and healthy and all the students and their families are fine. Very difficult times especially for Italy. We are thinking of our Italian partners a lot. We send them our positive thoughts and wish we all pass this period as safe as we can, and stay together even virtually. Our schools are preparing digital education and we try a lot to keep up with our Erasmus project despite all the problems, but we stay strong and in contact with everybody.

We wish everybody to stay safe and healthy and we send you a wonderful artwork by our student Georgia Vassilopoulou , member of the Erasmus team of our school who would be travelling to Germany rthese days , dedicated to a journey which takes place only in our imagination now. Art is a way to travel, always. Georgia met Kassel through her drawing, and we travel with her as well in the mesmerising pages of her sketchbook.

Happy New “greener” 2020 !!!

Jan 20209

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Erasmus+ 2019 2nd Junior High School “Vasilopita” cake cutting in Erasmus multipurpose room!

Feb 20191


New Year traditional greek “vasilopita” cake for 2019 Erasmus+ celebration!
“Vasilopita” cake cutting on Friday February 1st in our Erasmus multipurpose classroom!
We had the opportunity to exchange new year wishes, talk about the upcoming travelling of our students to Genova, have a little treat and share news and work progress of our project with students, their families and teachers involved in the project!

Vasilopita, as a New Year Greek tradition , is cut by families on New Year’s Day or any day of the fisrt two months of the year for groups, schools, institutions, organisations etc. to bless the house , group, or organisation etc. and bring good luck for the new year! When it is only for homes this is usually done at midnight of New Year’s Eve in Greece.

A coin is hidden in the vasilopita cake by slipping it into the dough before baking. A piece of cake is sliced for each member of the family or group etc. and any visitors present at the time.

During our event here for our Erasmus project team, we did cut pieces for the 3 partner schools and then for the Greek students and teachers participating in the project in our school who will attend the meeting and celebration with their parents. First two pieces were cut for Goethe Gymnasium and Galileo Galilei High School!
But the lucky one to find the coin finally was our student Sofia Kondylopoulou .

Have all a great new Erasmus European Schools Go Green Year 2019!

our event rvsp on our school Erasmus mini blog

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Happy New Year!

Jan 20191

We wish you a very happy  ” greener ” new year ,

full of positive (and… renewable) energy,

 communication, collaboration and endless creativity !!!



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