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Our student mobility to Kassel is cancelled because of the Covid19 pandemic

Apr 20203

These days we would be in Germany having a blast with all our Erasmus+ partners… But times are strange and difficult  and we stayed home as our mobility is cancelled. Unfortunately our students  missed this wonderful mobility and exciting last educational, cultural and scientific experience of this last year of our three years Erasmus project… […]

Happy New “greener” 2020 !!!

Jan 20209
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Our Erasmus+ Wallpainting!

Nov 201915

  Proud of our Erasmus+ ” European Schools Go Green” wallpainting,  painted September and October 2019 just before the visit of our partners! In the specially organised and equipped Erasmus+ multi-purpose room of our school, 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, Greece.   On this wall painting (dedicated to our three-year project and the three schools […]

Eratosthenes Experiment preparations! Sun energy , Physics , Math and… Art !!!

Jan 201912

The infamous Eratosthenes experiment, was conducted more than 2200 years ago, by the synonymous Greek mathematician and geographer, using only a stick, a measuring tape, feet and brains! It is highly educational and can be implemented rather easily nowadays, and also adapted to our Erasmu+ project ccoperation and become a common project , combining fun […]

Happy New Year!

Jan 20191

We wish you a very happy  ” greener ” new year , full of positive (and… renewable) energy,  communication, collaboration and endless creativity !!!  

Erasmus+ ” European Schools Go Green ” First transnational students and teachers meeting week

Apr 201830


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