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Aug 202024


All our project products were communicated for three years through email , sent to all our region’s and state public schools, to our students families guardians and parents, posted regularely on school sites and our Erasmus blog , to all local and regional authorities, educational , scientific and other institutions , local and national press, the dissemination and presentation took place in site at our schools and through online etwinning events and other digital platforms and forums (especially during the last year because of the Covid19 pandemic) etc Our project progress was covered and presented too by Italian and Greek press , on on-site Genova city official educational dissemination events, Greek regional TV stations, official Educational sites of Western Greece Periphery, and our videos are uploaded on our special Youtube channel too and links were widely shared by Facebook, Instagram and other media from all our students, friends and supporters, as from people who appreciated and admired our work too!!!

Our psoject on eTwinning Twinspace : https://twinspace.etwinning.net/34044

Our detailed work progress blog  : https://blogs.sch.gr/samiamidi/

Our digital magazines : https://issuu.com/europeanschoolsgogreen

Our “highlights” site : https://europeanschoolsgogreen.wordpress.com/

Our Video channel on  Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClyCWViE3mXXVOxcutMcpSA

our work progress detailed calendar





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Erasmus+ “European Schools Go Green” Third Year 2019-2020 – Our project’s last “Green” Magazine

Aug 202016

Erasmus+ “European Schools Go Green”

Third Year 2019-2020 Green Magazine

Published on Aug 16, 2020

ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME KA 2 STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP “European Schools Go Green” 2017 – 2020


Third and last Year of collaboration 2019-2020

Our last Digital  ” Green ” Magazine


Galileo Galilei Technical High School of Genova, Italy 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, Greece


Green Magazine 2020 Contents:


  1. Article by Mrs Franca Monzeglio – Galileo Galilei Technical High School of Genova Italy
  2. Article by Mrs Andreou Aikaterini – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Greece
  3. “ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION IN GENOA AND LIGURIA” – Galileo Galilei Technical High School of Genova Italy
  4. “The solar tracker” – Galileo Galilei Technical High School of Genova Italy
  5. “Polcevera Park project” – Galileo Galilei Technical High School of Genova Italy
  6. Clean and Run Marathon” – Genova Galileo Galilei Technical High School of Genova Italy
  7. DR ROBERTO CAVALLO INTERVIEW – Galileo Galilei Technical High School of Genova Italy
  8. MRS BARBARA BOSIO INTERVIEW – Galileo Galilei Technical High School of Genova Italy
  9. DR WALTER RIVA INTERVIEW – Galileo Galilei Technical High School of Genova Italy
  10. “Climate change – show your stripes!” – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Greece
  11. “ Europe’s renewable energy policies “ – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Greece
  12. “ RES in America “ – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Greece
  13. “GREECE ‘S ENERGY POLICY” – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Greece
  14. “TILOS PROJECT case study” – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Greece
  15. Interview of  Political Scientist Proffessor Emmanuella Doussis- 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Greece
  16. Panagiotis Psychogios Interview , Wind Turbines and Farms Construction and Policies – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Greece
  17. Mrs Despoina Kossyvaki Interview , Smart Materials , Bioengineering – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Greece
  18. Interview of Mrs Haroula Kromyadou – Environmental Education –“ Arcturos” NGO- 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Greece
  19. Experts/Scientists/ Organizations/ Institutions/ Firms etc having taken part in our project 2017-2020 we would like to thank a lot for their contribution : Italy – Greece

    Follow the link to read ans share our magazine ! :

    European Schools Go Green magazine 2020 issuu digital publication

2nd Junior High School of Amaliada students interviewed Environmental Engineering ,Smart Material scientist and expert Mrs Despoina Kossyvaki

Jul 202015




Mrs Despoina Kossyvaki, is a 27 years old scientist and PhD student at the University of Genoa, carrying out her research activity in the Italian Institute of Technology (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia or simply IIT) : Bioengineering and Robotics – Curriculum Bionanotechnology of the University of Genoa, always in collaboration with the IIT.

As  PhD student of the University of Genoa, she is working in IIT in the research group of Smart Materials. The aim of her studies is the development of “Smart indicators of alterations in the metabolic activity of microorganisms”.

She has also concluded her master studies in the School of Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Crete (Πολυτεχνείο Κρήτης/Politechnio Kritis).


We are very happy and honored to take Mrs Kossyvaki ‘s interview as part of our project’s work.

After we met the scientist during our amazing tour and visit at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genova, Italy, as part of our Erasmus+ students mobility in 2019, srudents were very inspired by her work and also very enthousiastic about meeting a Greek young scientist in the Italian Institute of Technology, so they wanted to include her interview in our last magazine. Students  admire her research and work so much !


Mrs Kossyvaki is presenting to our students their amazing research results in IIT laboratories in Genova, Italy, during our students Erasmus+ mobility in 2019. This visit inspired the interview idea . Students and teachers were very impressed with all the waste and exciting new alternative material uses (“Smart Materials”)  the scientists are working on.


You can read the full very interesting interview in the following pdf file:


Download file



“Smart materials, also called intelligent or responsive materials, are designed materials that have one or more properties that can be significantly changed in a controlled fashion by external stimuli, such as stress, moisture, electric or magnetic fields, light, temperaturepH, or chemical compounds. Smart materials are the basis of many applications, including sensors and actuators, or artificial muscles, particularly as electroactive polymers (EAPs)Smart materials have properties that react to changes in their environment. This means that one of their properties can be changed by an external condition, such as temperature, light, pressure, electricity, voltage, pH, or chemical compounds. This change is reversible and can be repeated many times. There is a wide range of different smart materials. Each offer different properties that can be changed. Some materials are very good indeed and cover a huge range of the scales.”  – WIKIPEDIA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_material





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Our student mobility to Kassel is cancelled because of the Covid19 pandemic

Apr 20203

These days we would be in Germany having a blast with all our Erasmus+ partners…

But times are strange and difficult  and we stayed home as our mobility is cancelled.

Unfortunately our students  missed this wonderful mobility and exciting last educational, cultural and scientific experience of this last year of our three years Erasmus project… But our students and everybody’s safety and health comes first.
We hope we can work on digital platforms and conclude this year’s work from distance. But the most important part, the experience for our students who most of them have never travelled abroad before, and the opportunity to stay with German families and enjoy the hospitality of Goethe Gymnasium is lost. We hope that the German school will be able to host some teleconferences this week so that we all feel closer during these strange times…

Our last mobility and our last chance in this project to get together with the students and teachers of our partner schools is lost, but in Amaliada we try to find ways to learn about our partner school in Kassel and travel there in our imagination!

Even we all are very sad for this,  we know that at least our Italian partners in Genova are safe and healthy and all the students and their families are fine. Very difficult times especially for Italy. We are thinking of our Italian partners a lot. We send them our positive thoughts and wish we all pass this period as safe as we can, and stay together even virtually. Our schools are preparing digital education and we try a lot to keep up with our Erasmus project despite all the problems, but we stay strong and in contact with everybody.

We wish everybody to stay safe and healthy and we send you a wonderful artwork by our student Georgia Vassilopoulou , member of the Erasmus team of our school who would be travelling to Germany rthese days , dedicated to a journey which takes place only in our imagination now. Art is a way to travel, always. Georgia met Kassel through her drawing, and we travel with her as well in the mesmerising pages of her sketchbook.

Virtual tour in Kassel

Apr 20201

Students of 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada , Greece, shared virtual tours of Kassel and information and links during our teleconferences. We present here some of the material we shared as the teachers and students from the Greek school tried to present during the pandemic to their families and school the city of Kassel in a “digital” way since we lost the opportunity to visit Germany because of the pandemic of CoviD19. We will meet …Hercules another time! Technology always is the best way to communicate and share ideas and information to create digital experiences during these hard times.


“European Schools Go Green” DECEMBER 2019 PRESS RELEASE – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada

Dec 201920

Download file



With intensive preparations, activities, work, hospitality and endless creativity we are continuing enthousiasticly the third and final year of the European Erasmus + Programme / KA2 Key Action / “Collaboration for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices” 2017-2020 entitled “European Schools Go Green” 2017-2020 at the 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada!

After two exceptionally creative years, we reached the third and final year of this European collaboration, having already exchanged visits and hosted students and teachers from both schools abroad with success and excellent results. Our students and teachers have already also traveled and have been warmly hosted in Genoa, Italy, and in Kassel, Germany, returning with life experiences and spiritual and mental resources. A collaboration with great dissemination of our work and a particularly warm response from the local community, the school and family environment of the students, the numerous collaborators and local authoritiew and many institutions we are working with, with publications and extensive articles in print and digital Greek, Italian and German Press, a tribute from local television, the website of the Directorate of Education of Western Greece which posted articles about our collaboration and our digital products on the “best practices” website and more.

Even before the schools opened we started with excitement. Since August, the teachers’ pedagogical team has been preparing our partners hosting for October. Also, our digital journal was published with the presentation of work and products from all three schools of the second year “Science Year” 2018-2019.

In September before our students came to school for the new school year the first harvest was made by the Photocycling company of small appliances and lamps that we collect in our school’s special bins. After our first year in this important recycling network, it was a great pleasure to see the full bins emptied and sent where everything the pupils, educators and sensitized citizens collected would be recycled safely.

As Mrs Salvanou, the IT teacher and member of our school’s Erasmus + pedagogical team that has been in charge of organizing the small appliances recycling, writes :
“We all can!!! Small daily habits change, recycle with us starting from home and school … One by one, class after class, home after home ! At our school we already recycled 82kg of electrical appliances and 3.2kg of lamps . Through Photocycling SA actions (approved of the Greek Ministry of Education, Research & Religions) at the 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada pupils and teachers collect old – damaged electrical appliances in special bins. The company cooperates with the Greek factory – recycler Eco Circle so that the appliances are not disposed of in an environmentally unfriendly manner, but undergo a special withdrawal process. Only 65% of the devices disposed in Greece are recycled, mainly through hospitals, companies, municipalities or affiliates, motivated by other financial or planning objectives. In schools this action is still rare, which does not mean it cannot be expanded. ” says Mrs Salvanou.

At the beginning of October we completed the mural “Erasmus + – European Schools Go Green 2017-2020” which will now adorn the multipurpose room “Erasmus” that has been designed and equipped by our program, and will remind us of our experience over the years and how much Erasmus has changed us and connects Europe’s students , schools and local communities.

In front of the mural are also displayed the models of our school created last year by our students under the guidance of their teacher Mr. Spyropoulos Professor of Technology, with modifications to the energy profile of the building and the addition of renewable energy sources, together with the energy study they did with their professor Mr. Vassilopoulos Professor of Physics for a more “green European school” as is the goal and title of all our cooperation with schools abroad.

During the week of October 21st – 25th 2019, our school enthusiastically welcomed the Italian delegation of teachers of our partner school Galileo Galilei Technical High School (5 Italian teachers, also having the great honour of having here Mrs Monteforte Headmaster of Galileo Galilei Technical Genoa High School) for a week of conferences, work and cultural visits and activities.

That week we had a series of meetings in our school’s specially designed Erasmus multipurpose room, we evaluated the second year of collaboration and organized this year’s work and final products.
With our guests we visited the City Hall of Ilida where gifts and souvenirs were exchanged. The Italian teachers expressed their joy for the cooperation and their thanks and greetings by presenting gifts to the Mayor of Ilida Mr. Yiannis Lymberis, while receiving warm welcome from Mr. Kapsis, Counselor of Culture of the Municipality of Ilida, Mr. Ioanna Stavropoulou, Chairman of the School Committee for Secondary Education of the Municipality of Ilida, Mr. Christos Nikolopoulos Chairman of the School Committee for Primary Education Chairman of the Public Council “Elios”, Mr. Eugenios Asteris, in a ceremony relayed by local television and has been published in print and online media. The Municipality of Ilida also culminated hospitality by offering a working dinner in the town of Amaliada.

We also visited the city of Pyrgos as well, where on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 we were guided to the Archaeological Museum of Pyrgos, the Merkouri estate, and finally the historical Katakolo Lighthouse having a special permit from the Hellenic (Greek) Navy Military Office.

It was a great pleasure and honour for us to have lunch with Head of Directorate of Secondary Education of Ilia, Mr.Vasileios Dimitrellos, who warmly congratulated the participants on the successful course and results of the cooperation. He exchanged gifts and souvenirs with the visitors and discussed many educational issues of our schools in both countries with our Headmasters and olus schools’ teachers.

We were also honoured to be accompanied by Mrs Tita Terzi, who as a School Activities and Culture Officer in previous years has supported our partnership, as well as all the activities of our school morally and practically, Mrs Harbali Iulia, a representative of the European Programmes Group of the Directorate of Secondary Education of Ilia, who was also close to us from the start of the programme, our eTwinning’s Ambassador awarded with 1st European eTwinning and other educational prizes Mrs Sofia Kouzouli, who warmly welcomed our guests and donated to our guests important works of Greek literature in English translation.

In Ancient Ilida, the ancient town which organized the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, on the morning of Thursday, October 24, 2019 we all enjoyed the magnificent archaeological site and Museum with a guided tour by the archaeologist in charge Mrs Panagodimou.

All the above important representatives of the Educational Community and the State, despite their overwhelming workload, were extremely welcoming hosts and gladly participated in the organizational meeting work with the Italian colleagues and as a result our guests returned excited about their welcoming by the representatives of Greek authorities.

At the end of the week’s work, the conclusions and timetables were finalized and details were discussed about the upcoming trip of the Greek and Italian students to Kassel, Germany, hosted this time by the German Goethe Gymnasium.

Finally, the certificates of attendance were awarded and commemorative gifts were offered to Italian colleagues and their school. In the Erasmus Room of our school, the guests as well as the students and teachers of the Erasmus team left their message and signature in our mural so that the wall of the room would be filled with the positive emotions that brought us close.

In November and December informative and presentational meetings with the parents of our students took place, as well as a special briefing for the parents of the students who will be travelling to Kassel, Germany in April 2020.
Informing parents of Erasmus students.

The last year of cooperation is already in the middle! For two and a half years, during which we have had the great pleasure of meeting and collaboration of the students of the three schools, the
satisfaction and pride of our best ambassadors, who linked Amaliada with Genoa, Italy, and Kassel, Germany, we are glad we are building a strong and productive bridge of communication between our educational communities, families, cities and countries. But it is also important the fact that we have been able to reflect, inform, inspire first mentality changes and promote ideas and present the work of the students who have communicated with perseverance and enthusiasm, creating products by studying renewable energy, sustainable development, climate change and cultivating the social consciousness of the modern citizen.

Students are leading and continuing to zealously promote the change of our mentality and daily life, enriching it with the use of new technologies with low energy footprint and a more established ecological consciousness. We have come to this third and final year to complete our programme, which seems to be also successful.

Our project on Twinspace: https://twinspace.etwinning.net/34044

Highlights Website with selected products and activities: https://europeanschoolsgogreen.wordpress.com/

Our digital magazines: https://issuu.com/europeanschoolsgogreen

Our programme in various articles in Greek and foreign press:


Dissemination and Promotion of our project 2017-2020

Article in greek in local Newspaper about our Third and Last Organisational Transnational Meeting in Amaliada, Greece, 22-23-24 October 2019

Oct 201928

Articles in greek digital and printed Press about our Third and Last Organisational Transnational Meeting in Amaliada, Greece, 22-23-24 October 2019


Our third and last transnational organisational meeting in Amaliada, Greece
Local Press articles about the visit of the Greek and Italian teachers in Amaliada Town Hall and gifts exchange between our visitors and Municipality authorities repsesentatives

Στο Δήμο Ήλιδας καθηγητές από το πρόγραμμα Erasmusplus που υλοποιεί το 2ο Γυμνάσιο Αμαλιάδας


Από την Γένοβα στην Αμαλιάδα: Στο Δήμο Ήλιδας καθηγητές από το πρόγραμμα Erasmus+ που υλοποιεί το 2ο Γυμνάσιο Αμαλιάδας

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Second Teachers Organisational Transnational Meeting , Genova 22 – 26 2018

Dec 201813

Our Erasmus project’s second organisational Teachers Transnational Meeting took place in Genova from October  22nd to October 26th of 2018. The German , the Italian and the  Greek team joined their forces at the sunny beautiful Italian Linguria seaside with great history and hard working inspiring people.
It was a very successful and fruitful meeting,  three full days of some first year’s work feedback and lot of detailed planning of our project’s next steps, following timetable and exchanging enthusiastically  ideas and cooperative applications adjusted on all new aspects.

We  enjoyed very much the amazing and generous hospitality of the Italian team , and would like to thank mrs Carpaneto , Headmaster of IISS Einaudi Casaregis Galilei and ofcourse mrs Franca Monzeglio contact person for the Italian School and great leading teacher of the kind and all our excellent  Italian partners, students and teachers of the Galileo Galilei Erasmus team. We were also  intrigued by all the Galileo Galilei Technical High School students , teaching and administrative hardworking stuff and the high quality laboratories, facilities and equipment.
During our three evenings in Genova we also visited and were guided around the mesmerizing historical center and port of the city, as well as beautiful Bocadasse and Camogli ,after working all day at the school ‘s warm and friendly big Aula .
We also visited the Municipality Libraryand the Townhall, and the German , Italian and Greek team were introduced to the municipality ecological and green  energy projects including their projects with Genovese schools.
A great honor for the Greek team was also to be invited in the Mayor’s office to offer Mayor mr Christodoulopoulos’ presents from Amaliada and Ancient Ellis to the vice-Mayor of the city of Genova, mr Balleari.
The second year of our Erasmus project had an amazing powerful start !
Thank you!

Andreou Aikaterini

Contact Person for 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada



Galileo Galilei Technical High School Invitation with teachers invited list:

Download file

2nd Junior High School of Amaliada work presentation for 2nd Erasmus Meeting Genova ( October 2018) – second project year 2018 – 2019 ideas

Oct 201822
Δείτε το στο slideshare.net
What is Erasmus+, say again ?
A video for the new visitors of our Erasmus blog!

Erasmus+ Project “European Schools Go Green”

Jan 201820


2nd Junior High School of Amaliada
Erasmus+ “European Schools Go Green ”
2017 – 2020

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport.

Within the framework of Erasmus plus programme, we are happy that the cooperation of our school, 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, with two European schools has been approved and started for three consecutive years. The three-year cooperation will have the corresponding funding by the European Union. The subject of the programme is the renewable sources of energy, sustainability, the “green schools” and mainly the communication, acquaintance and cooperation of the students and teachers of our schools with the aim to a better future and environment than that we have bequeathed to them. The schools we are in cooperation with, are the leading Goethe Gymnasium of Cassel in Germany, which is the organizing school of the programme and not only does it have a great history and tradition but also a high level of facilities and contemporary equipment, and Istituto Einaudi Casaregis Galilei of Genova in Italy, which provides us with technological knowledge and support as it is a technological educational institute of a higher level with high school students.

Contact Persons  for their schools Erasmus + project are
Mrs Christina Kauffeld, Coordinator of the project , English Language and Politics Teacher , Germany,
Mrs Franca Monzeglio , English teacher , Italy,
and Mrs Aikaterini Andreou , Fine Arts Teacher , Greece.

“Our power is our differences”, stresses the head of the programme, Christina Kauffeld from Cassel, while the group of three is completed by our school, 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, providing knowledge about the use of renewable sources of energy in ancient times, having the visual, graphics, journalistic and artistic direction and organising the framework of visual arts exhibitions, the visualization of the material to the three countries as well as the printed and digital publishing of the artistic, technological, scientific, social and historical projects of the students. Moreover, the three schools will cooperate with state tertiary educational institutes and technological educational institutes, industries, municipalities, scientists, journalists and analysts of the three countries.

The teachers of the three schools as well as the students involved in the programme have already started the first contacts and have finished the first projects while the preparation of the programme had started in early January 2017 and we successfully came to its approval in early September 2017. This is the first school year we are working on this and we are going to continue until the finish of the programme in June 2020. For its progression, our collaborations and the projects of the students, the educational community, the parents and guardians as well as the local and broader community will be kept updated through publicly posting and through a special digital magazine and blogs that our school is creating.

The programme, along with the continuous communication between teachers and students from the three countries on special networking platforms, also includes two trips of student groups of 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, one of which taking place during the second school year of the programme (2018-2019) in Cassel, Germany, and the other during the third school year of the programme (2019-2020) in Genova, Italy. The purpose of these collaborations, besides the educational factor and the skills acquisition, knowledge and training, is the acquaintance with other communities, their history, language, culture, family values as well as contact with people’s everyday lives, habits, cuisine and nature of the broader area of each school.

Our educational programme is fully integrated into the school schedule only in a limited extend for teachers and students who participate in its educational team, so it requires a lot of the teachers’ personal time for organizing, implementing and sharing the work, and part of the free time of students who happily take on projects to carry out within the programme framework. During the next period we are going to adjust  more effectively our lessons to our Erasmus project.

The first organizing meeting of the teachers-in-charge has already been held in Cassel, Germany, at Goethe Gymnasium, in October 2017, with teacher Ms. Andreou Aikateri’s participation.
A multipurpose hall was formed and equipped in our school financed by the programme.
In November and December 2017, the students created sketches, logos and comic strips, illustrations and posters concerning the programme. They searched, were concerned, talked and conducted projects and articles about renewable sources of energy, climatic change, frequent environmental disasters and the ominous future that we want to avoid through right updated knowledge and change of behavior.
We have created a digital work calendar which is common for the three schools, we have held a meeting with parents and guardians, students visited the art exhibition Landart and studied the use of recycled materials in works of art, which connect nature with human beings sending powerful messages, they designed their own work inspired by the exhibition, they took pictures and conducted worksheets.

At the same time, we are preparing the welcoming of the students from the German and Italian schools, who are visiting us in April 2018, while students are starting interviews with the authorities, scientists, specialists and researchers. Within the upcoming period we will publish our first digital magazine, with articles, research projects, technical drawings and works of art of the students.

The Greek pedagogical team of the programme consists of the following teachers:

Headmaster : Mr A. Gounaris – Religious Educator ,

Contact Person : Mrs K. Andreou – Fine Arts,

Mrs E. Charda – English Language  , Mrs E. Karvouniari – German Language ,

Mrs A. Rampavila – French Language  , Mrs S. Salvanou – Informatics  ,

Mr C. Spyropoulos Technology , M. Tzavara English Language , Mr G. Vasilopoulos – Physics .


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