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Erasmus+ “European Schools Go Green” Third Year 2019-2020 – Our project’s last “Green” Magazine

Aug 202016

Erasmus+ “European Schools Go Green” Third Year 2019-2020 Green Magazine Published on Aug 16, 2020 ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME KA 2 STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP “European Schools Go Green” 2017 – 2020   Third and last Year of collaboration 2019-2020 Our last Digital  ” Green ” Magazine 2020 Galileo Galilei Technical High School of Genova, Italy 2nd Junior High […]

Our student mobility to Kassel is cancelled because of the Covid19 pandemic

Apr 20203

These days we would be in Germany having a blast with all our Erasmus+ partners… But times are strange and difficult  and we stayed home as our mobility is cancelled. Unfortunately our students  missed this wonderful mobility and exciting last educational, cultural and scientific experience of this last year of our three years Erasmus project… […]

Virtual tour in Kassel

Apr 20201

Students of 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada , Greece, shared virtual tours of Kassel and information and links during our teleconferences. We present here some of the material we shared as the teachers and students from the Greek school tried to present during the pandemic to their families and school the city of Kassel […]

“European Schools Go Green” DECEMBER 2019 PRESS RELEASE – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada

Dec 201920

Download file   DECEMBER 2019 PRESS RELEASE With intensive preparations, activities, work, hospitality and endless creativity we are continuing enthousiasticly the third and final year of the European Erasmus + Programme / KA2 Key Action / “Collaboration for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices” 2017-2020 entitled “European Schools Go Green” 2017-2020 at the 2nd Junior […]

We want more communication between our students! eTwinning platform will help us again!

Oct 201929

Some of the results of the third and last transnational organisational meeting in Amaliada Greece. The Greek and Italian teachers team filled questionarries about the third year work and ideas for the best way to bring our students close again. The winner? eTwinning platform !!! So we continue this year our students teleconferences and chat as […]

Article in greek in local Newspaper about our Third and Last Organisational Transnational Meeting in Amaliada, Greece, 22-23-24 October 2019

Oct 201928

Articles in greek digital and printed Press about our Third and Last Organisational Transnational Meeting in Amaliada, Greece, 22-23-24 October 2019   Our third and last transnational organisational meeting in Amaliada, Greece Local Press articles about the visit of the Greek and Italian teachers in Amaliada Town Hall and gifts exchange between our visitors and […]

Some of the articles about our project in Greek Press 2019

Jun 20191

Patris Newspaper – January 13 2019 ” Συνεχίζει τις δράσεις του το 2ο Γυμνάσιο Αμαλιάδας – Με ορμή και το 2019 13 Ιανουαρίου 2019 – 13:10″  http://www.patrisnews.com/synechizi-tis-drasis-tou-to-2o-gymnasio-amaliadas-me-ormi-ke-to-2019/     Patris Newspaper  – March 21 2019 Eratosthenes experiment http://www.patrisnews.com/to-pirama-tou-eratostheni-sto-2o-gymnasio-amaliadas/ Ileia News 22/02/2019 https://ilia.news/2%CE%BF-%CE%B3%CF%85%CE%BC%CE%BD%CE%AC%CF%83%CE%B9%CE%BF-%CE%B1%CE%BC%CE%B1%CE%BB%CE%B9%CE%AC%CE%B4%CE%B1%CF%82-%CE%B1%CE%BD%CE%B1%CE%BA%CF%8D%CE%BA%CE%BB%CF%89%CF%83%CE%B7-%CE%BC%CE%B9%CE%BA%CF%81/ PDEDE (Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education in Western Greece) http://pdede.sch.gr/2019/05/31/sto-quot-etos-epistimis-quot-vrisketai-to-2o-gymnasio-amaliadas-meso-toy-erasmus-quot-european-schools-go-green-quot/ Ilida […]

Our wonderful week in Genova , April 7 – 13 2019

Apr 201913

A wonderful week in Genova is over !!! Thank you Genova, students families and teachers of Galileo Galilei Technical High School for an amazing week full of warm and kind hospitality, workshops, science and creativity, technology, art and culture!!!    

Second Teachers Organisational Transnational Meeting , Genova 22 – 26 2018

Dec 201813

Our Erasmus project’s second organisational Teachers Transnational Meeting took place in Genova from October  22nd to October 26th of 2018. The German , the Italian and the  Greek team joined their forces at the sunny beautiful Italian Linguria seaside with great history and hard working inspiring people. It was a very successful and fruitful meeting,  […]

Erasmus+ Project “European Schools Go Green”

Jan 201820

  2nd Junior High School of Amaliada Erasmus+ “European Schools Go Green ” 2017 – 2020 Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport. Within the framework of Erasmus plus programme, we are happy that the cooperation of our school, 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, with two European schools has […]


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