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ERASMUS+ Our Team : Goethe Gymnasium Kassel, Germany – Galileo Galilei Technical School Genova, Italy – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, Greece

Erasmus+ 2019 2nd Junior High School “Vasilopita” cake cutting in Erasmus multipurpose room!

Feb 20191


New Year traditional greek “vasilopita” cake for 2019 Erasmus+ celebration!
“Vasilopita” cake cutting on Friday February 1st in our Erasmus multipurpose classroom!
We had the opportunity to exchange new year wishes, talk about the upcoming travelling of our students to Genova, have a little treat and share news and work progress of our project with students, their families and teachers involved in the project!

Vasilopita, as a New Year Greek tradition , is cut by families on New Year’s Day or any day of the fisrt two months of the year for groups, schools, institutions, organisations etc. to bless the house , group, or organisation etc. and bring good luck for the new year! When it is only for homes this is usually done at midnight of New Year’s Eve in Greece.

A coin is hidden in the vasilopita cake by slipping it into the dough before baking. A piece of cake is sliced for each member of the family or group etc. and any visitors present at the time.

During our event here for our Erasmus project team, we did cut pieces for the 3 partner schools and then for the Greek students and teachers participating in the project in our school who will attend the meeting and celebration with their parents. First two pieces were cut for Goethe Gymnasium and Galileo Galilei High School!
But the lucky one to find the coin finally was our student Sofia Kondylopoulou .

Have all a great new Erasmus European Schools Go Green Year 2019!

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