Our school

5th Primary School of Agrinio

Οur school

Our school was built in 1931 and was funded by “Papastratos Brothers” and ,that is why, it is also called “Papastrateia Ekpaideutiria”. Our school was completely renovated two years ago and is considered to be a fully-equipped modern Greek school. It is located in the centre of Agrinio next to the “Papastrateios” Municipal Library  and the Archaeological Museum of the city.

It caters for boys and girls aged 6-12 and, at present, there are approximately 220 students. In addition to classrooms, the premises include a library, a closed gymnasium which is mainly used in winter months, a computer lab, an English lab, an integration classroom and a music classroom. Also, there is a large field and modern athletic facilities.


Karantzinis Thomas                 Headteacher

Liatsou Evaggelia                      Deputy Director

Education teachers

Papacharisi Anna              A1 (1st grade)

Kasviki Konstantina         A2

Milioni Zoi                           B (2nd grade)

Tatsi Panagiota                  Γ1 (3rd grade)

Liatsou Evaggelia              Γ2

Grapsa Eleni                       Δ1 (4th grade)

Kiriazis Christos                Δ2

Teliou Eleni                        Ε1 (5th grade)

Savidou Eleni                     Ε2

Fountas Stilianos              Στ1 (6th grade)

Karabouli Vasiliki             Στ2

English Teachers

  1. Karasoula Stevi
  2. Tromara Georgia
  3. Katsikogiorgou Marina

Stamati Konstantina        Computer Science Teacher

Stamati Argiro                   Integration classes

Lanaras Andreas               Teacher of Music

Kontouri Eirini                  Teacher of French

Rebeki Maria                     Teacher of German

Physical Education teachers

  1. Tsitos Stilianos
  2. Kartsaklis Thomas

Lanaras Andreas                 Teacher of Music


Agrinio is the largest city of the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania and has a population of 90,000 residents. It is one of the largest cities of western Greece. Its population has increased significantly during the past few decades and in 1920, when refugees from Asia Minor arrived in the city. This population flow contributed to the development of the city of Agrinio to a commercial and economic center. Its main products are tobacco and olives. The position of the city in Aitoloakarnania is defined by the presence of the river named after the ancient god “Acheloos”. The city has also a long history, as it was inhabited since the prehistoric period.

Aitoloakarnania boasts a diverse natural environment, ranging from high mountain ranges to important hydro-biotopes, beautiful lakes and a unique range of flora and fauna. Due to its beautiful and rare natural environment, Aitoloakarnaria is a region of great ecological value and one of the most significant Natural Parks of Greece.


 Comenius project: “In the workshop of European artists” (2012-2014)

Our school collaborated with five primary schools from Poland, Italy, Spain and Cyprus and our students learned about the culture of partner countries through art, literature, history and traditions. We exchanged visits and shared our culture and history as well as our teaching practices.

Website: In the workshop of European artists

Visit of European teachers in our school



A. Poland

B. Spain

C. Scotland

D. Italy


Digital storytelling projects

Always at the heart of education, stories hold a magical quality which can engage learners in a unique way. Blended with digital means, storytelling has been used by our school in numerous projects aiming at sensitizing students with critical issues such as racism and environment.

  1. The environmental destruction through works of art

The video is part of a study conducted in our school during the 2017-2018 school year. The study was presented on the «WEI International Academic Conference on Education, Teaching and Learning»  conducted in Harvard Faculty Club in Boston, USA (August 1-3, 2018). The study was also published on the scientific journal “Social Sciences” on the 2019 February issue. You can find the published study here:


2. The Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King story

The video is part of a study conducted in our school during the 2018-2019 school year.  The study was presented on the “24th International Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics ” (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece) which was conducted online on 2-4 October, 2020. (24th International Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics – 2-4, October 2020, Thessaloniki, Greece (auth.gr)

3. A Christmas carol

4. Our place: Aetoloakarnania

5. The Four Seasons Myth


E-twinning projects



Four classes of our school participate in the programme “Helmepa”. The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association, as it is its official name, accepted our applications and sent us material which will help us fulfill our project. Posters, calendars, badges, informative material, DVDs as well as leaflets suggesting ways in order to contribute to the preservation of the environment were sent to us. We will try to help Helmepa’s goal as we believe that the earth is everybody’s home and by protecting it, we take care of our future. More about Helmepa

List of the Teachers:

Papa Christina   E1

Liatsou Evaggelia    Δ1

Gallias Petros E2

Papacharisi Anna  Στ1


The 6th year class of our school will take part in the educational programme Oikade funded by the bank of Cyprus. The aim of the programme is to get Greek students across the world into contact offering them knowledge, fun and helping them develop social skills.

Our school belongs to the 47th triad of schools and will cooperate with the Primary School of Alinda in  Leros and the 2nd Primary School of Konitsa.

The benefits from the project are numerous. Our students will come into contact with the other students, exchange information and develop a common project. More


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