" European Schools Go Green "

ERASMUS+ Our Team : Goethe Gymnasium Kassel, Germany – Galileo Galilei Technical School Genova, Italy – 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, Greece

Erasmus+ Project “European Schools Go Green”

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2nd Junior High School of Amaliada
Erasmus+ “European Schools Go Green ”
2017 – 2020

Erasmus+ is the European Union programme for education, training, youth and sport.

Within the framework of Erasmus plus programme, we are happy that the cooperation of our school, 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, with two European schools has been approved and started for three consecutive years. The three-year cooperation will have the corresponding funding by the European Union. The subject of the programme is the renewable sources of energy, sustainability, the “green schools” and mainly the communication, acquaintance and cooperation of the students and teachers of our schools with the aim to a better future and environment than that we have bequeathed to them. The schools we are in cooperation with, are the leading Goethe Gymnasium of Cassel in Germany, which is the organizing school of the programme and not only does it have a great history and tradition but also a high level of facilities and contemporary equipment, and Istituto Einaudi Casaregis Galilei of Genova in Italy, which provides us with technological knowledge and support as it is a technological educational institute of a higher level with high school students.

Contact Persons  for their schools Erasmus + project are
Mrs Christina Kauffeld, Coordinator of the project , English Language and Politics Teacher , Germany,
Mrs Franca Monzeglio , English teacher , Italy,
and Mrs Aikaterini Andreou , Fine Arts Teacher , Greece.

“Our power is our differences”, stresses the head of the programme, Christina Kauffeld from Cassel, while the group of three is completed by our school, 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, providing knowledge about the use of renewable sources of energy in ancient times, having the visual, graphics, journalistic and artistic direction and organising the framework of visual arts exhibitions, the visualization of the material to the three countries as well as the printed and digital publishing of the artistic, technological, scientific, social and historical projects of the students. Moreover, the three schools will cooperate with state tertiary educational institutes and technological educational institutes, industries, municipalities, scientists, journalists and analysts of the three countries.

The teachers of the three schools as well as the students involved in the programme have already started the first contacts and have finished the first projects while the preparation of the programme had started in early January 2017 and we successfully came to its approval in early September 2017. This is the first school year we are working on this and we are going to continue until the finish of the programme in June 2020. For its progression, our collaborations and the projects of the students, the educational community, the parents and guardians as well as the local and broader community will be kept updated through publicly posting and through a special digital magazine and blogs that our school is creating.

The programme, along with the continuous communication between teachers and students from the three countries on special networking platforms, also includes two trips of student groups of 2nd Junior High School of Amaliada, one of which taking place during the second school year of the programme (2018-2019) in Cassel, Germany, and the other during the third school year of the programme (2019-2020) in Genova, Italy. The purpose of these collaborations, besides the educational factor and the skills acquisition, knowledge and training, is the acquaintance with other communities, their history, language, culture, family values as well as contact with people’s everyday lives, habits, cuisine and nature of the broader area of each school.

Our educational programme is fully integrated into the school schedule only in a limited extend for teachers and students who participate in its educational team, so it requires a lot of the teachers’ personal time for organizing, implementing and sharing the work, and part of the free time of students who happily take on projects to carry out within the programme framework. During the next period we are going to adjust  more effectively our lessons to our Erasmus project.

The first organizing meeting of the teachers-in-charge has already been held in Cassel, Germany, at Goethe Gymnasium, in October 2017, with teacher Ms. Andreou Aikateri’s participation.
A multipurpose hall was formed and equipped in our school financed by the programme.
In November and December 2017, the students created sketches, logos and comic strips, illustrations and posters concerning the programme. They searched, were concerned, talked and conducted projects and articles about renewable sources of energy, climatic change, frequent environmental disasters and the ominous future that we want to avoid through right updated knowledge and change of behavior.
We have created a digital work calendar which is common for the three schools, we have held a meeting with parents and guardians, students visited the art exhibition Landart and studied the use of recycled materials in works of art, which connect nature with human beings sending powerful messages, they designed their own work inspired by the exhibition, they took pictures and conducted worksheets.

At the same time, we are preparing the welcoming of the students from the German and Italian schools, who are visiting us in April 2018, while students are starting interviews with the authorities, scientists, specialists and researchers. Within the upcoming period we will publish our first digital magazine, with articles, research projects, technical drawings and works of art of the students.

The Greek pedagogical team of the programme consists of the following teachers:

Headmaster : Mr A. Gounaris – Religious Educator ,

Contact Person : Mrs K. Andreou – Fine Arts,

Mrs E. Charda – English Language  , Mrs E. Karvouniari – German Language ,

Mrs A. Rampavila – French Language  , Mrs S. Salvanou – Informatics  ,

Mr C. Spyropoulos Technology , M. Tzavara English Language , Mr G. Vasilopoulos – Physics .

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