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Αθεϊστικές  ομάδες στις Ηνωμένες Πολιτείες καλούν τους οπαδούς τους να  κατεδαφίζουν  σταυρούς (Remove Roadside Crosses)που υπάρχουν  στους δρόμους , γιατί τα μνημεία αυτά τα θεωρούν αποκρουστικά, καταθλιτικά και επικίνδυνα! (More to the point; atheists and other non-christians find them offensive, annoying and depressing. When you do see them, remove them as soon as possible. Every day that they stand gives some motorists the impression that the State condones religious symbols being placed along the road on State property. There is nothing stopping us from taking down these religious symbols.Now, a few things should be noted here. When you are going to remove these extraneous eyesores, remember to park off the highway in a parking lot, on a side street, or well over on the shoulder. If you will have to walk far along the highway, get yourself an orange hunting vest to wear for your own safety. Be sure you are not venturing onto private property. State property usually does not extend beyond several feet from the shoulder of the road. Lately, more and more of these crosses are being made of steel and planted in cement making them nearly impossible to remove. The usurpers of public property must be shown that we will not be deterred in righting this wrong. It’s time to pull out the big guns. There are two new tools on the market that are well suited to the job. Either one can be carried in the trunk (along with safety glasses and work gloves) and will make short work of rebar, fence post, or even 4″ steel bars. Just FROOGLE either of these for the best price: ) http://www.atheistactivist.org/Roadside.htmlΜάλιστα διαφημίζουν κατάλληλο  και σε φθηνές τιμές εξοπλισμό για το έργο αυτό.

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