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Απρ 25

«Enceladus» eHAND meeting in Oreokastro – 3rd Day report

3rd Day Report 3rd Day’s activities started with a CLIL Lesson titled “Are you playing games with me? Are you serious? A different approach to environmental awareness.” Students in mixed teams played an environmental online game created by the Danish government and one of our teams even won a certificate! We then visited an exhibition …

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Απρ 25

«Enceladus» eHAND meeting in Oreokastro – 2nd Day report

Day 2 of the Greek Erasmus+ meeting ‘Enceladus’ The day started off with the STEM & IBSE classes regarding earthquakes and engineering, taught by Science teacher and Physicist Eftychia Karagianni, and ,Mathematician, Christos Alexakis.

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