«Enceladus» eHAND meeting in Oreokastro – 3rd Day report

3rd Day Report

3rd Day’s activities started with a CLIL Lesson titled “Are you playing games with me? Are you serious? A different approach to environmental awareness.” Students in mixed teams played an environmental online game created by the Danish government and one of our teams even won a certificate!

We then visited an exhibition about the great earthquake of Thessaloniki in 1978 at Islahane organized by the Department of Geology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and also participated in the Festival of Environmental Education of Western Thessaloniki with a presentation of e-HAND by an international team of students.

In the afternoon, we were guided though the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and then a team of Greek students guided us through the most important historical sights of the city centre.






Αλλαγή μεγέθους γραμματοσειράς