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Learning, Teaching, Training Activities in Turkey.

On Monday 11/11/2019 the hosting school and the Turkish students begun the mobility made the opening ceremony and the folklore show. The teams from the partners’ countries. Also, the same day began the activities in the art lessons (Qulink, nail work, marbling) and the other lessons, but also the non-formal activities in the courtyard of the school.



On Tuesday 12/11/2019, during History lessons, the students visited historical and heritage sites in Cappadocia, Kahramanmaras, Nemrut Mountain, Gobeklitepe, Sanliurfa, taking photos to be discussed with the history teacher.

On Wednesday 13/11/2019, during Math lessons, the students in mixed teams played games about numbers and counting. They used numbered balls, numbered dices, in order to learn the four basic mathematics acts. During Gym lessons students played their traditional games of their countries, they checked the differences and the commons of each game.



On Thursday, 14/11/2019, during ICT lessons, students make the video of the interviews and uploaded it to the web site of the project. Also, students created their digital multicultural newspaper, which uploaded to the web of the project and in e-twinning projects, which partners’ schools are running.


On Friday, 15/11/2019, During the Turkish language lessons, the students learned some basic vocabulary of the every – day words for the different communicative circumstances. During Maths lessons, the students in mixed teams played games about numbers and counting, they numbered balls, numbered dices, in order to learn the four basic mathematics acts.

During the English lessons, mixed teams of the pupils from the partners prepared the interviews that they will make to refugees and immigrants of the Syrian civil war. In the ICT laboratory, students made the newspaper. The newspaper called “United Brings Happiness”. Students created a newspaper in their native languages and in English language, about solidarity, tolerance, acceptance, empathy. The main objective was to promote the equity of all humans and human rights.


At the end of the day, we plant the tree of friendship and peace and we took photos for the first page of our newspaper and magazine.




The meeting in Turkey was aimed to teach in integrated classes because of the Turkish town hostess refugees and immigrants from Syria. Also, the Turkish school had the experience of voluntarism, as teachers from this school are volunteer members who help immigrant and refugee students and families. We learn to apply it in this differentiated process of teaching and learning languages and social inclusion. Children worked in groups of all nationalities, they worked in a collaborative team. Children also had the opportunity to improve their communication and collaboration, intercultural skills while working in the international team; – they improved their English via communicating with peers and the teachers from partner countries; – they developed digital literacy skills using new apps and web2.0 tools – after working in a team with the students from the different cultural, religious and ethnic background they will become more tolerant; – students will raise their intelligence, awareness. A week far from their native houses will help to grow students’ self-sufficiency, confidence, and trust. The students, their families, and the teachers gain more confidence to be a part of the Erasmus+ project.