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erasmusplus youth


We have focused on the following objectives:

  • To reduce the school dropout rates in the communities involved in the project.
  • To develop the key competencies, such as ICT skills and linguistic competencies using ways of teaching and learning focused on children.
  • To improve the linguistic competence in children in order to develop techniques and skills which will be essential for them in the world of work in a close future.
  • To encourage in children the capacity of work in Europe since early ages by working on linguistic and social competencies.
  • To implement the European dimension among all participants, encourage in them

Internationalization and be open-minded, which is so important to be integrated into a common Europe to prevent our communities’ members of social exclusion in the future.

  • To use ICT as a tool of communication, elaboration, evaluation, and diffusion of the results.
  • To improve students’ and teachers’ communication, group working skills, the use of English as a common language.
  • To compare methods of teaching and learning, values of education, school organization, and curriculum in order to look for innovative ways of teaching and learning and introduce pedagogical innovations.