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Documentary “Me and U in Diversity”

Students and teachers during this project kept their emotions, feelings, thoughts, and moments in some videos which the basic idea was to break down the stereotypes, prejudices, and growing up the respect of each other, the European community under the main title U & Me in Diversity.

Video documentaries that the partner schools created about the great international experiences, the amazing cooperation meeting, the fantastic partnership events, the awesome friendship opportunities, and the excellent results.


  • To reduce the school dropout rates in the communities involved in the project.
  • To develop the key competencies, such as ICT skills and linguistic competencies using ways of teaching and learning focused on children.
  • To improve the linguistic competence in children in order to develop techniques and skills which will be essential for them in the world of work in a close future.
  • To encourage in children the capacity of work in Europe since early ages by working on linguistic and social competences.
  • To implement the European dimension among all participants, encourage in them internationalization and be open-minded, which is so important to be integrated into a common Europe to prevent our communities’ members of social exclusion in the future.
  • To use ICT as a tool of communication, elaboration, evaluation, and diffusion of the results.
  • To improve students’ and teachers’ communication, group working skills, the use of English as a common language.