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20. The wiki of the project: Lexicon

We create a collaborative wiki here. About some basic meanings in diversity.

Students have to think about it during the whole period of the project. They become members of the wiki and made changes in the basic vocabulary of the topic diversity. Which have many benefits for the students.

Accessibility, students are not limited to working on projects on school computers and/or during school hours. Customizable, embedding documents, spreadsheets, calendars, images, videos, weblinks, and news feeds into a wiki page is relatively simple.  The ease of customization, and combination of media, greatly increases the uses and applications of wikis for student/group/class projects. Flexibility can be simplified for use with primary students, extended for secondary students. Group collaboration can be accessed, and edited, by multiple users, making them an effective tool for group collaboration.


To implement the European dimension among all participants, encourage in them internationalization and be open-minded, which is so important to be integrated into a common Europe to prevent our communities’ members of social exclusion in the future.  To use ICT as a tool of communication, elaboration, evaluation, and diffusion of the results.  To improve students’ and teachers’ communication, group working skills, the use of English as a common language.

European value.

The ability of students to communicate in at least two languages besides their mother tongue has been identified as a key priority in the EU’s ET 2020 framework. Enhancing digital competences to exploit the potential of information and communication technologies (ICT, Europe 2020 strategy).