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A Multicultural Newspaper

Studying and working in mixed teams students learn new beliefs and make independent choices. Students learn a variety of different cultures, music, cuisines, and practices that others have matured with. Students learning and growing in multicultural surroundings become flexible and compliant to change. Schooling environments with different religions, races, and cultural backdrops proffer learners the chance to grow a greater perceptive of diverse cultures living in the world. Young people comprehend new ideas, perceptions, and values very fast, and consequently can study to revere and understand other people’s choices and lifestyles. This multicultural group can craft substantial barriers to effective cooperation. Learning in a multicultural environment aids students to understand the routines of working with someone from a different country. Students who speak several languages have a greater probability of succeeding in school. In an ever more globalized economy, studying languages is unquestionably beneficial for corporate success. Writing in English and learning in a multicultural environment give children a greater understanding of others’ beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. With this knowledge of others, children will have a higher level of interpersonal and social skills. This is significantly beneficial for children leaving school, and entering higher education and the workplace. With the rich variety of lifestyles and beliefs engaged in the working world, future generations become more liberal in their approach to life, while becoming more united in their society. With all this and the material from our project, students make their multicultural newspaper called “United Bring Happiness” with various articles about the activities of the project in both language, English, and native.